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Thiruvahindrapuram Devanathan Divya Desam

Vedantha Desigar scripted the Sampradhayam for Vadakalai Sect of Vaishnavites
Only Divya Desam where both vehicles of Vishnu brought water for the thirsty Lord

Prarthana sthalam for ‘Good Education’ and to cure ‘speechless children’
Located about 5kms West of Cuddalore Town on the way to Panruti is the Deiva Nayagan Divya Desam in Thiru Vahindrapuram. The Utsavar Murthy at this temple is called Moovaraagiya Oruvan, said to be a manifestation of Vishnu, Brahmma and Shiva and Thiru Mangai Azhvaar refers to the Lord as Moovaraagiya Oruvan in his praise in the Periya Thirumozhi.

Vahindrapuram, Historically
In centuries gone by, the location of this divya desam was identified as being 6 yojanas North of Kumbakonam, South of Kanchipuram and West of the Ocean.

Arjuna undertook penance at this temple and hence this divya desam dates back to the Mahabaratha. Another story goes that a few pieces from the Sanjeevani hill, carried by Anjaneya to Lanka fell on Oushada Giri ( the mountain here).

Defeated by the Asuras, the Devas looked up to Lord Narayana for help. Shiva who came to the rescue of the Asuras hurled his thunderbolt at Vishnu who intercepted it with ease. Vishnu then displayed his ‘Trimurthi’ form to Shiva and later returned Shiva’s weapon. On Shiva’s request, Vishnu stayed put at this place.

Sesha Theertham 
Having undertaken the battle and helped the Devas win, Lord Narayana felt thirsty. While Garuda went around to bring water for the Lord, Adhiseshan swung his tail to blow open the earth, thus bringing water instantly and helping quench his Lord’s thirst. As a mark of this event, the sacred water here is called ‘ Sesha Theertham’.

A dutiful Garuda however went all the way to Vaikuntam to bring water for the Lord from River Viraja. Garuda who went around to bring water for the Lord came across a Rishi in mid air and finding water inside the Rishi’s sacred kettle, knocked it down, thus letting the water into this place. Angered at this act of Garuda, the rishi cursed turning the water into a dirty colour. Realising his folly, Garuda explained the reason for his hasty action and apologised. To this day, one finds the water in the river dirty but once in the hand, it seems pure and clear.

Garuda Theertham
Garuda who came back late (after Adhiseshan had already helped quench the Lord’s thirst) requested the Lord to accept his water too as sacred. The Lord accepted the water on the Chariot Procession day. On this day, water from this river (Kedila) is brought and offered to the Lord. This is the only Divya Desam where both vehicles of Vishnu brought water for the Lord.
Indira’s hiding at ThiruVahindapuram
Having gained dominating powers thanks to his sincere penance, a demon attacked Indira logam and drove out Indira, who is said to have gone into hiding here. The hassled Devas went up to Vishnu who asked them to perform a Yagam at Vahindapuram. On the completion of the Yaagam, Indira is believed to have come out of his hiding. Vishnu appeared before him and presented the Vajra Yudham with the help of which Indira defeated the demon and re conquered the Indira logam.

Thirumangai Azhvaar refers to Deiva Nayakan 
In his Periya Thirumozhi verses, Thirumangai Azhvaar refers to Lord of Thiruvahindrapuram as Deiva Nayakan. In the very last verse, he refers to the Utsava deity of the temple - Moovar Aagiya Oruvan.

இருந்தண்  மா நிலம்  ஏனம் அது ஆய் 
வளை  மருப்பினில் அகத்து ஒடுக்கி 
கருந்தண் மா கடல்கண் துயின்றவன் இடம் 
கமலநல் மலர்தேறல் அருந்தி 

இன் இசை முரன்றுஎழும் அளிகுலம் 
பொதுளி அம போழிலூட 
செருந்தி நாள்மலர் சென்று அணைந்து உழிதரு 

Old Inscriptions referring to the Lord
11th century inscription at this temple shows that the ThiruVahindrapuram Lord was referred to as the Standing Vishnu. Legend has it that the Lord here is considered as the brother of Tirupathi Srinivasa.

Vedanta Desikar and the Ahindai connection
Nigamantha Desikan lived here for 40 years and scripted the Sampradayam for Vadakalai sect of Vaishnavites. Hence this temple is said to be the ‘Home to Vadakalai Sect’. Special significance is attached to the Desigan Sannidhi at this temple. Desigan who was devoted to this Lord, wrote great pieces of literature on Deiva Nayagan and Hayagriva.

Desikar got a sculpture (Thirumeni) of his done at this temple. A sculptor questioned Desikar if he could give life to this art form. When the sculptor touched the Thirumeni to get a feel of it, there was a scratch seen on it and to his shock, he found blood flowing down. Realising his mistake, the sculptor is said to have apologized to Sri Desikan.

Lakshmi HayaGriva temple
There is a Hayagriva temple atop the hill opposite the Deiva Nayagan temple. Two demons had taken away the Vedic scriptures from Brahmma. Vishnutook the form of Hayagriva and brought back the Vedic scriptures from the demons. Being the place where Lord Vishnu, in Hayagriva form, brought back the educative scriptures, he is referred to as the God of Learning. He is believed to fulfill one’s prayers relating to education and studies at this temple.
Snake Pit
In this Divya Desam, milk is not poured into the snake pit. Instead it is poured into the ‘Sesha Theertham’.

Contributions to this temple
Pandya, Chozha, Chera, Sinhala and Raya rulers contributed to the development of the temple.

Prarthana Sthalam
This is said to be a prarthana sthalam for ‘Good Education’ and to cure ‘speechless children’. 

Bhattars at Ahinthai
The priests at this temple do a very sincere job, including the 76 year old Neela Megha Bhattar. One is truly moved by the courtesy extended by the Bhattar to all the devotees.

Quick Facts

Moolavar : Deiva Nayakan East Facing Standing Posture
Thayar     : Vaikunta Nayaki - Hemambhujavalli Thaayar
Utsavar    :   Moovaraagiya Oruvan (DevaNaathan)
Azhvaar  : ThiruMangai Azhvaar- 10 Paasurams ( Periya Thirumozhi 3.1)
Time       : 630am-12noon and 4pm-930pm
Contact  : Neela Megha Bhattar (76 years old) / Narasimhan Bhattar@ 04142- 288999 or 287 277/ 94434 44778

How to reach the temple
Cuddalore is well connected by bus from all major towns and cities in Tamil Nadu. One can reach ThiruVahindrapuram in about 4 hours by bus from Madras. Daily Trains to Cuddalore on the Main Line from Madras. Chozhan Exp (Dep 8am), Karaikal Exp (Dep 10pm) and Uzhavan Exp ( 1055pm).

From Cuddalore, one can take a town bus ( route 16) to Vahindrapuram. From the bus stop (1/2 a km from the temple entrance), one may take an auto (Rs. 15) to reach the temple. An auto from Cuddalore bus stand would cost about Rs. 60 (one way). Contact cab : Venkatesan cabs @ 93676 14141


Anonymous said...

Very nice information and photos..

I am happy to inform you that a geographical map of 108 Divya desams is available here:

All the 84 of the 108 Vishnu Divya desams of Tamilnadu have been marked out (the rest are in the other states and they will also be marked soon).

Unlike the other maps, this is an online dynamic map and you can zoom it to street level. This is possibly the first of its kind for the Tamilnadu temples.


Prabhu.S said...

Dear Raju,

Thank you for reading and for your comments.

I will take a look at the map


M.S. Raghavan Ayyangar said...

I feel proud that I belong to this holy land of Thiruvahindrapuram - where my grandfather Sri Parthasarathy Ayyangar served the temples all his life - my grand mother Parankusavalli served and fed numerous pilgrims, my father Sri Mathurakavi Ayyangar was born and grew up - who is my mentor and Guru.

Anonymous said...

mr raghavan,

I visited this shrine with my family yesterday from chennai. I was totally schocked to see the sorry state this temple is in. There is no proper sanitation , and the steps leeding to hyegrava temple is so full of flith, it doesnt give a divine feeling.

There is no toilet facility and drinking water for visitors to that place and no hall for shelter. There is also no good hotel for food and teh temple doesnt have a proper PRASADAM OUT LET.

why cant the temple authorities maintain basic amenities?

best regards,


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I would like to know what kind of vehicle can go to mandabam at top of the mountain.

PRabhu S said...

You will have to walk. There are no vehicles.

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Chiteme ramatham ahindra nagaraavasi thurangon mukanandhaha
sri saha deiva nayaga harihi devendra sakshath krithaha
koorvam bhodhi mukaha kaakendra saridhas theerashrayas sarvadha
slaake chandra vinir midesha bhaghavaan thistaan vimanoothame

Please let us know of this sloka where and in which sloka this is being scripted and we are unable to find the birth of this slokam please help us and send us the details in email id
Adiyen dhasan Lakshminarasimhan Vaijayanthi

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Some story about two birds got moksha there.Anyone know about it please explain.