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Thiru Indhalur Parimala Rangan Divya Desam

The greatest sin of life is to cast one’s eye on another’s wife – Brihaspati curses Chandran to deformity
Chandran partly liberated from his curse after undertaking penance here at Thiru Indhalur

Indhalur Parimala Rangan Temple- Pancha Ranga Kshetram
The Lord shuts the door on Thiru Mangai Azhvaar which prompts the Azhvaar to say in his Paasuram “Vazhnthey Pomneerey…”

Located 2kms North of the Mayavaram bus stand on the Northern banks of Cauvery is the Parimala Rangan Divya Desam in Thiru Indhalur, a Pancha Ranga Kshetram where the Lord is seen in a grand Veera Sayana Posture displaying his four hands.  The other Pancha Kshetrams are Srirangam Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Srirangapatnam Ranganatha, Koviladi Appaala Ranganatha and Kumbakonam Madhya Rangam.

Chandran’s Curse 
The story goes that Chandran (Moon God) fell in love with his preceptor Brihaspati’s wife Tara and eloped with her, in the absence of his Guru. When Brihaspati found his wife missing, he sought the help of Brahmma who asked Tara to return to her husband.

Later, when Tara’s pregnancy came to light, a furious Brihaspati cursed Chandra to deformity saying that the biggest sin of life is to caste one’s eyes on another’s spouse and that Chandran would have to undergo the full severity of the curse for having cast his eyes wrongfully on another's wife.

Another story goes that Dakshan was so taken in by Chandran’s handsome features that he decided to make him the suitor for his 27daughters. However, Chandran was interested only in one of the daughters, Rohini and mockingly ignored the others.

Dakshan found that the handsome looks had made Chandran too arrogant and cursed him to immediately lose his youth and his strong luring features.

Repenting for wrongly casting his eye on another man’s wife, Chandran requested Brihaspati to provide him an opportunity for performing parikara that could help him cleanse his grave sins.

3Phased Parikara
As part of the 3 fold parikara, Chandra undertook penance here at Thiru Indhalur after bathing at the sacred Theertham, invoking the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Answering his prayers, Lord appeared before him and agreed to liberate him from part of the sins.

(The story goes that Chandran went to Thalai Changa Naan Mathiyam, another Divya Desam about 15 East of Thiru Indhalur, where he was fully liberated from his curse and dosham).

The Name Indhalur

Pleased with being partly liberated from his curse, Chandran (another name of Chandran is Indhu) requested that this place be called Indhalur in his memory.

Argument between Thiru Mangai Azhvaar and Lord Parimala Rangan
When ThiruMangai Azhvaar reached Indhalur, Lord Parimala Rangan shut the door on him reasoning that he was late. Upset at this, ThiruMangai Azhvaar argued vehemently Parimala Ranganatha.

When a friend keeps a thing that we want and does not want to share with us, we typically say
‘Keep it to yourself’ in jest. Similarly, here, with the Lord not allowing Thirumangai Azhvaar an entry into the temple, the Azhvaar asked Parimala Rangan to keep all his beauty to himself and to enjoy it on his own.

ThiruMangai Azhvaar goes on to argue that the world would talk about the Lord in bad light as he shut the door on the Azhvaar. The Lord ignores this comment of the Azhvaar saying that he need not worry about it and that he will take care of any ill feelings.

Despite repeated attempts to impress the Lord to allow him an entry, Parimala Rangan maintains his silence. A dejected and frustrated Thiru Mangai Azhvaar decided that he would leave the place as the Lord was stubborn at not allowing Darshan to the Azhvaar.

Thiru Mangai Azhvaar says ‘
வாசி வல்லீர் இந்தளுரீர் வாழ்ந்தே போம்நீரே….’ to mean that ‘I am leaving, you yourself live here and enjoy life’.

Sensing that Thiru Mangai Azhvaar may actually leave the place without praising him enough, Lord Parimala Rangan tries to prolong the argument and asks him to sing praise of him. Thiru Mangai Azhvaar replies saying “How can I shower praise on you when you do not allow me to see you”. Lord Parimala Ranga says “You who have sung praises of other Lords, sitting in your place, do sing praise of me too so I can happily listen to your sweet songs.” 

ThiruMangai Azhvaar finally fell for it and composed verses of praise on Parimala Rangan.

Month Long Festival in Aipasi
It is believed that a bath in the Cauvery here during Aipasi is sacred. During this month, the temple attracts devotees from across the country.

King Ambarish built this temple. There are several beautiful sculptures inside this temple.

Quick Facts
Moolavar    : Parimala Ranganathar East Facing Veera Sayana Posture
Utsavar      : Maruviniya Mainthan (also called Sugantha Vana Nathan)
Goddess     : Parimala Ranganayaki- Sugantha Naayaki (Separate Sannidhi)
Time          : 730am-12noon and 5pm-930pm
Priest      : Ranga Bhattar/ V. Muralidharan Deekshithar/ Sridhar Bhattar  @  94438 73620 / 99429 16241/ 98437 31595

How to reach
From Mayavaram, one can take buses going towards Needur, Manalmedu, Kadalangudi (10 minutes from main bus stand). Auto : Auto will charge about Rs. 50/- one way from the bus stand

How to reach Mayavaram
Night trains from Chennai Egmore and one daily day express ( 820am dep). Mayavaram is about 130kms from Trichy, 75kms from Thanjavur and 35kms from Kumbakonam- Buses ever 15minutes


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