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Sirupuliyur Arumakadal Divya Desam

Lord as a small kid – Bala Sayanam
Located about 15 kms South of Mayavaram is the Kripa Samudran(Arumakadal) Divya Desam in Sirupuliyur where the Lord is seen as a small kid in sleeping posture (Bala Sayanam).

Seeking Moksham, two old rishis, Yagapalar and Kanvar, invoked the blessings of Lord Shiva at Chidambaram. Shiva directed them to go westwards to Srirangam, stating Vishnu was the one equipped with the powers to grant Moksham. Because of their poor eye sight, the Rishis instead went southward, lost their way and reached Kripa Samudiram. Here, they offered their sincere prayers  to Lord Vishnu reasoning out to him  that they were to come to Srirangam to invoke his blessings but had lost their way and that he grant them Moksham.

It is believed that that the Lord originally gave darshan to the Rishis as Lord Ranganatha (like in Srirangam) in his full form. Because of their old age, the rishis could not see, clearly, the big image of the Lord and hence the Lord gave darshan in a smaller form known as ‘Bala Sayanam’. The Lord Kripa Samudran can be seen as a small kid in sleeping posture. Being the Lord in small form, this place is called Siru (small) Puliyur.

A special feature of this temple is that this is one of the only two Divya Desams where the Lord in sayana kolam (sleeping posture) is facing the Southern direction, the other being Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam.

Garuda does not fly over this place- Fight between Garuda and Adhiseshan
Once Garuda (the Vahana of the Lord) and Adisesha (on whom rests the Lord) entered into an argument as to who was more powerful and more devoted to the Lord. Seeing Garuda a little arrogant, Lord Vishnu went in favour of the Serpant God. Worried that Garuda might be angered at this, Adiseshas sought Lord’s protection, upon which Lord asked him to roll himself and lie under him. Angered at this gesture of the Lord in protecting Adisesha, Garuda decided never to fly over this place.

A disappointed Thiru Mangai Azhvaar

வான் ஆர் மதி பொதியும் சடை மழுவாளியொடு ஒருபால் 
தான் ஆகிய தலைவன் அவன் அமரர்க்கு அதிபதி ஆய் 

தேன் ஆர் பொழில் தழவும், 
சிருபுலியுர்ச் சலசயனத்து 

ஆன் ஆயனது அடி அல்லது ஒன்று 
அறியேன் அடியேனே 

When Thiru Mangai Azhvaar visited this place, he is believed to have been quite disappointed as he found the Lord too small and like a kid. The Lord is said to have consoled him saying ‘ Come and see me in my full form at Thiru Kannapuram’.

Thiru Kannapuram is about 25kms South West of this temple on the way to Thiruvarur.

Liberation from Naga Dosham
It is said that one will be relieved of Naga Dosham if one visits this place. Unmarried people and childless couple also find solution if they offer their sincere prayers at this temple.

One of the features of this temple is the enthusiastic and very devoted young priests. Their explanation of the temple history and legend is sure to lure every devotee to this temple.


Vaikasi Brahmotsavam
Aadi Pavitrosatvam
Margazhi Adyaana Utsavam

Quick Facts
Moolavar     : Kripa Samudran Bala Sayana posture facing south
Thaayar       : Daya Nayaki Thaayar
Azhvaar       : Thirumangai Azhvaar ( Periya Thirumozhi 7-9)
Temple time : 7am –12noon and 5pm-8pm

Contact Srikkanth Bhattar @ 91598 67324 / 04366 233041

How to reach
Bus : Take the Mayavaram- Tiruvarur/Karaikal Bus. Get down at Kollumangudi bus stop (about 10kms from Mayavaram). Take an auto from there (2 kms)- will charge Rs. 40/-. One can also reach here from Thiru Vazhandur Divya Desam via Komal, Keezhanur and Kollumangudi by auto/car (about 15kms)

Cab /Auto from Mayavaram to the temple and back will cost Rs. 500. ( Auto Ramesh @ 94435 68757)

Place to Stay : Best to stay in Mayavaram

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