Monday, May 28, 2007

108 Divya Desam- Thiru Meiyam

Sathiya Moorthy Kshetram

Located on the Pudukottai-Karaikudi/Tirupattur highway, Thirumeiyam is also called Sathiya Giri and Sathiya Kshetram and is surrounded by a huge fort like structure. This temple dates back to the 7th Century AD. The Lord here is bigger than Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam. On the wall just above the deity one finds images of Brahmma and several Devas.

Adiseshan is believed to be protecting this place. The story goes that when the Asuras tried to kidnap the Lord, Adiseshan let open poisonous air to kill the asuras. As a reference to this incident, one can see Adiseshan being depicted in the same form here at this temple- letting out poisonous air- a unique feature at this Divya Desam.

Lord Vishnu’s guard (at this fort) incurred the wrath of Sage Durvasa, who cursed him to turn into a snake and was finally relieved of his curse here at ThiruMeiyam.

On the Chitra Pournami day, Sathiya Moorthy Perumal is taken out on a 40 mile procession to Kadaya Kudi.

Pallava rulers contributed to improvements at the temple.

Quick Facts

Moolavar       : Meiyappan Standing Posture, East Facing
Thaayar         : Ujjevana Thaayaar
Temple time   : 8am –12noon and 330pm-8pm
Contact         : Krishnamurthy Bhattar @ 89034 94019 or 04333 274043

Location : 18kms South of Pudukottai, 25 kms North of Karaikudi
Bus : One can take the Pudukottai-Karikudi or Pudukottai-Tirupattur bus to reach here
Place to Stay : Best to stay in Pudukottai or Karaikudi


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