Monday, May 28, 2007

Kapisthalam Gajendra Varadar

Pancha Krishna Kshetram
Only Divya Desam that provides Moksham to two animals
Located about 15 kms from Kumbakonam on the Thiruvayaru road (about 5 kms East of Koodalur Divya Desam) is the Gajendra Varadhan temple at Kapisthalam where the Lord is seen in a reclining posture facing the East.

The temple is currently in a terrible condition- Quite a bad sight for devotees. At a time when several Divya Desams are being renovated in Tamil Nadu,( For eg. TVS Group has transformed the Nava Tirupathi temples near Tirunelveli) why this temple cannot be renovated is a question every devotee visiting this divya desam is asking today.

The priest gets a Salary of Rs. 16 per month!!!!

The Legend

Raja Indirajimnan, a staunch devotee of Vishnu was so immersed in his prayers that he would forget the world around him. Once he incurred the wrath of Sage Durvasa known for his instant anger by continuing to be in his prayers and making the Sage wait outside. He was cursed thus- “The fact that you are a great devotee has made you arrogant and you have disrespected a Sage, who has come to meet you. May you turn into a mad elephant.”

Realising his folly, Indrajimnan begged for forgiveness. The Sage who is also know for showing sympathy agreed to reduce the impact of the curse stating that he would continue to be devoted to the Lord as ‘Elephant Gajendra’ and that he would one day be relieved of his curse by Vishnu himself.

Another story goes that Asura Guhu once playfully pulled the legs of Sage Agastyar while he was having bath. Angered at this act, the Sage cursed him instantly turning the Asura into a Crocodile.

Vishnu, on his Garuda Vahana rescued Elephant (King) Gajendra from the clutches of the Crocodile (the Asura) on the banks of the river by hurling his Chakra at the crocodile and killing it. Thus the king was rid of his curse and attained Moksham. This Gajendra Moksham episode is enacted here every year in Panguni (March-April). This is the only Divya Desam where the Lord provides Darshan to two animals.

It is a Praarthana Sthalam for Rahu.

Thiru Mazhisai Azhvaar’s only Paasuram:

கூற்றமும் சாரா கொடுவினையும் சாரா 
தீ மாற்றமும் சாரா 
வகை அறிந்தேன் 

ஆற்றங்கரை கிடக்கும் கண்ணன்
கடல் கிடக்கும் மாயன் 
உரை கிடக்கும் உள்ளது எனக்கு 

This is one of the ‘Pancha Krishna Kshetrams’.
(the other four are – Thiru Kannapuram, Thiru Kannamangai, Thiruvazhandur and ThiruKannangudi)

The temple is open between 630am - 12noon and 5pm - 730pm.
Contact: O.S. Seshadri Bhattar- 04374 225434

Buses every 15 minutes between Kumbakonam and Thiruvayaru.
Papanasam Railway Station is 2 kms South of Kapisthalam


Shiv said...

Ensure that GK Vasan gets to know about this

PRabhu S said...


Thanks will do.

Will keep you updated if there is any positive progress on this front


Anonymous said...

Sir, you may also want to contact Sri U Ve Velukudi Krishnan Swami - He too is trying to resolve this issue.


PRabhu S said...


Hi! Thanks much for your comments.

It did not strike me till date.

I live in the same street as Shri.Krishnan. I will request for a meeting with him and check his thoughts on this issue.

I tried to meet with Shri GK Vasan, as suggested by Mr. Shiv Kumar in the post above, but despite several visits to his place and meeting with his team on this issue, I could not get to meet Shri Vasan.

Once again thanks for reading and for your thoughts. I will keep you updated on this


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Prabhu,

Did you get to meet Shri.Krishnan swami?


Anil said...


Any updates... did you get to meet Velukkudi Krishnan Swami.....Else let me know. He is a good friend of my late father. I have not met him but i will approach him and seek his help out, in case you are not able to meet him


Ranga said...

Is there any updates reg this temple? It is really sad that the Lord is testing his faithful devotee by giving him a deaf and dumb son! Did you meet GK Vasan or Sri Velukkudi Krishnan swami?

PRabhu S said...

They performed the Samprokshanam last year. So its in better shape now.