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Ranga Samudram Venkatachalapathy Temple

A small temple dedicated to Lord Venkatachalapathy on the banks of Tamaraibarani

Historically one could have darshan of the Moolavar Lord from the entrance of the temple 
Located 10kms North East of Ambasamudram and 1km west of is the Venkatachalapathy Perumal temple in Ranga Samudram.

Not too long ago, there were 150 traditional families living in the agraharam and the entire region either side of Tamaraibarani was vibrant. Those were the days when residents used to swim across the Tamaraibarani to have darshan of Gajendra Varadar Perumal in Athalanallur ( Narambu Nathar Swamy in Thiru Pudai Maruthur (

During the last century, a number of families migrated to Kerala to do business there while the rest continued to stick to traditional farming around this temple town. Much later, in the 2nd half of the previous century, they too moved to cities in Tamil Nadu seeking greener pastures with the result the ancient temple town is left with just traditional family.  The agraharam has lost its old vibrancy. Once in a while on festive occasions, the original inhabitants visit the temple.
74 year old L Srinivasa Venkataraman has spent almost his entire lifetime performing aradhana at the temple. He belongs to the eighth generation of priests to take care of the handsome Lord Venkatachalapathy who is seen providing darshan with a conch and chakra. 
Historically the Moolavar Sannidhi was atop a hill and one had to climb 12 steps to reach the Lord.
Right from the low lying agraharam one could have darshan of the Moolavar through the holes in the Garudan Sannidhi.

Historically, the entire temple town would be inundated with water when Tamaraibarani and Gadana rivers were flooded with the overflowing rivers leaving the agraharam completely submerged. This was also the reason for the town to be named as Ranga ‘Samudram’.

It has been a tradition for devotees to bathe in the Tamaraibarani in the morning, observe fast through the day and have darshan of the two perumal temples either side of the river.

Garuda Sevai in Puratasi is the only big festival at the temple. With the original inhabitants returning for annual visits, it is likely that some of the historical utsavams will be revived at this temple over a period of time. Also, with the increasing interest of the traditionalists who had left the town over the last century, the recent renovation exercise has seen infrastructure developments at the temple in the modern way with marble flooring in front of the moolavar sannidhi. A calf has been a recent addition at the temple.
Quick Facts
Moolavar         : Venkatachalapathy with Sri and Bhoo Devi in a standing posture
Time                : 6am-10am and 6pm-7pm
Contact            : Srinivasa Venkatarama Bhattar @ 84382 69627

How to reach
Bus every 30minutes to Idaikkal from Ambai bus stand. One can get down at the entry point at Ranga Samudram and walk half a km to the temple. Auto from the Ambai bus stand and back will cost Rs. 200/-.

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