Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Rajapathy Nava Kailayam

A Huge Modern Kailasanathar Temple has been constructed at the original location of this Nava Kailayam Sthalam

The historical temple was washed away Centuries ago in the floods that struck Tamaraibarani
13 day Brahmotsavam in Chitrai, Street Procession through the month of Margazhi

Work is under way to construct the tallest Raja Gopuram in the region

A few centuries ago, the floods in the Tamaraibarani that had destroyed the Sepparai Temple near Srivaikuntam also brought to ground the Kailasanathar temple in Rajapathy, the 8th among the Nava Kailayam temples. Nothing was left except a small symbolic stone, depicting the presence of the temple, 4 kms East of Thenthiruperai  Nava Kailaya Sthalam (

For centuries the temple had remained in ruins. A decade ago the devotees came together to rebuild the temple, from scratch with large sannidhis for Kailasanathar and Soundarya Nayaki. Today, what one finds is a truly modern temple positioned to the devotees as ‘Then Kalahasti’!!!

Everything about the temple is grand from the flooring to the prakaram, symbolic of modern construction. A seven Tier 150 feet high Raja Gopuram, the tallest in the region, is under construction and is likely to be completed next year. Work is also on to complete the idols for the 63 Nayanmars and the 4 Saint Poets.

The legend relating to Nava Kailayam has it that Romasa Rishi, the disciple of Agastya, went to his preceptor who was performing penance at the Pothigai Hills seeking Mukthi. Agastya picked up 9 Lotus buds from his Kamandalam and let them down. He asked Romasa Rishi to install a Shiva Lingam at each of the places where this bud rests and to invoke the blessings of Lord Shiva at each of those places.  The 8th among those came to a halt here at Rajapathy on the banks of Tamaraibarani. 
The annual Brahmotsavam has been revived with a 13 day utsavam in Chitrai.

Monthly utsavams too have been started including Aani Magam Utsavam, Aani Uthiram Utsavam and Natarajar Abhishekam. 

Street procession of the Lord through the entire month of Margazhi too has been revived. Classes educating devotees on Saivite Siddhantham are conducted on all the days of Margazhi.

The temple is open between 7am-12noon and 4pm-8pm. Contact C Lakshmana Sivachariyar @ 97873 82258.

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