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Andal Ranganatha Srirangam

திருவரங்கச் செல்வனார்

Andal praises Srirangam as a town fortified on all sideswith Impregnable Walls
Andal awaits the Lord's arrival through her street in Srirangam
( Veli Andal Sannidhi - Mel Adayavalanjan)

Two of Andal's favourite temples are Thiru Maliruncholai and Srirangam. Following her praise of the Lord of Thiru Maliruncholai earlier in the Nachiyar Thirumozhi and offering him 100 pots of Butter and Morsel, Andal now praises the Lord of Srirangam describing the town and the personality of Lord Ranganatha. In many of the verses, she refers to him as ' Thiruvaranga Selvanaar'.

Through the verses in the 11th decad of the Nachiyar Thirumozhi, Andal recounts her desire to unite with her Lord praising his very many achievements. She wonders as to why her beloved who had saved many women in distress is not showing the same grace on her, one who has totally surrendered to him.  

She asks as to why her beloved Lord is meting out such harsh treatment on her. When Hiranyaksha took Bhoo Devi away, the Lord took Varaha Avatara to destroy the Asura. In another Avatara, when Sisupala was seeking the hand of the Lord’s beloved, he rode away with her on the horse back leaving Sisupala stunned and speechless.

When he has done so much for his loved ones, why is he not reaching out to her despite the fact that she has passed on her love messages to him through so many different communication channels.

Equates his Conch with her Bangles
Once again expressing her desire to meet him and unite with him, Andal reminds her beloved of the bangles that he had taken earlier. The bangles are just as dear to her as is the conch to him.

தாமுக்கும் தன்  கையில் சங்கமே போலாவோ
யாமுக்கும் என் கையில் சங்கமும் ஏந்திழையீர்
தீ முகத்து நாகனை மேல் சேரும் திருவரங்கர்
முகத்தை நோகாரால் அம்மனே அம்மனே

Bangles have loosened!!!
Andal praises Lord Ranganatha as being sweet with lovely looks. While the Lord of Arangam relaxing himself on the fierce serpent has beautiful lips, eyes and a red lotus on his navel, the beautiful bangles that he wears as victory anklets are bangles loosened from her. Her Kalavalai (fish shaped bangles) has loosened. She wonders if this is a sign of possibility of not uniting with him. Is that not unfair? She is growing weaker by the day thinking endlessly about her beloved.

எழிலுடைய அம்மனைமீர் என் அரங்கத்தின் அமுதர்
குழலகர் வாயழகர் கண்ணழகர் கொப்பூழில்
எழு கமலப் பூவழகர் எம்மானார் என்னுடைய
கழல் வளையைத் தாமும் கழல் வளையே யாக்கினரே

While the Dwarapalakas of Srirangam are still showing unity by holding the Shegol and guarding the sanctum sanctorum to this day, she asks if usurping her bangles is a way of showing his authority.

Will he walk through my street

She describes Srirangam as a town with tall mansions, her beloved is the one who came begging as a divine child. If he is not happy with the charity that he has already got and if he wants her bangles is it not right for him to pass through her street.
மச்சணி மாடமதில் அரங்கர் வாமனனார்
பச்சை பசுந் தேவர் தாம் பண்டு நீரேற்ற
பிச்சை குறியாகி என்னுடைய பெய்வளைமேல்
இச்சை யுடயரேல் இந்தந் தெருவே போதாரே

While he showed his great ability by measuring the entire world in a single stride, he who lives among the Good people of Srirangam should not plan to plunder poor folks like her.

Andal praises Srirangam as a town that is watered by Cauvery. She describes Srirangam as a place where pious people live and where green lush fields are watered by the sacred Cauvery. After having taken everything from her, he has finally invaded and taken her soul as well.

கைப் பொருள்கள் முன்னமே கைக் கொண்டார் காவிரி நீர்
செய்ப் புரளவோடும் திருவரங்கச் செல்வனார்
எப்பொருட்கும் நின்று ஆர்க்கும் எய்தாது நான் மறையின்
சொற்பொருளாய் நின்றார் என் மெய்பொருளும் கொண்டாரே

Andal praises the Lord of Srirangam as one who gave up his sleep and food to tame the ocean for the sake of a woman. He also came as a n unwashed dirty swine to lift Mother Earth from the deluge.

Andal asks if he has forgotten the madness that came over him then. And further reminds him that whatever he told Bhoo devi is well etched in memory ( referring to the Varaha Charama Sloka). He had then provided the assurance that whoever offers sincere prayers to the Lord in a stable state of mind and surrenders to him will be taken care of.

He grabbed Rukmini by the hand!!
Rukma, the brother of Rukmini had decided to hand his sister’s hand to the wily Sisupula even though he knew that she was in love with Krishna. Rukmini sent him a letter directing him to arrive immediately and take her from there. Sisupala was all set to marry Rukmini and was confident that no one would be able to take her away from him. But her beloved came in a flash and drove her away with Sisupala shell shocked and ashamed at his inability to prevent her beloved from whisking her away in full public view. Such is the greatness of the Lord of Srirangam. He is known to be a rescuer of women in distress.

When a true devotee expresses helplessness and surrenders to the Lord, he is known to immediately protect them.
கண்ணாலங் கொதித்து கன்னி தன்னை கைப்பிடிப்பான்
திண்ணார்ந்திருந்த சிசுபாலன் தேசழிந்து
அண்ணாந்திருக்கவே ஆங்கவளைக் கைப்பிடித்து
பெண்ணாளன் பேணும் ஊர் பெரும் அரங்கமே

Did not Rama once deprived himself of food, water and sleep in his search of Sita and then built the cause away across the huge ocean in an effort to bring her back. All this was because of his great unflinching love for his beloved. If that be the case, why is he not answering my prayers? She describes Srirangam as a town fortified with impregnable walls. All around the temple are large mansions and princely buildings.

திண்ணார் மதில் சூழ் திருவரங்கச் செல்வனார்

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