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Paripatal Iruntaiyoor Madurai

Streets of Iruntaiyoor were full of shops with honest traders
People were religious and lived in harmony – There was happiness all around

The last of the now available 7 Paripatals on Lord Vishnu (Tirumaal) is on a place referred to in the Sangam Period as Iruntaiyoor, on the outskirts of Madurai. (later identified as the place of Kutalakkar temple).

This final poem is by an unknown author and is in a rather easy style of description. It has a certain poetic grace to it.

Iruntaiyoor’s Description – Trees and Ponds
The poet praises the Lord of Iruntaiyoor as one who is seen in a sitting posture. He describes the Lord as being bright and beautiful like the Sapphire. Iruntaiyoor had lofty trees that were seen on the slopes of the hill.

He specifically refers to Venkai trees as blossoming in a lovely way. The Venkatampu tree is described as being tall and Makila tree as being very fragrant.

He describes a cool fragrant pond near the temple where Lotus bloomed in big numbers. Swarms of bees lined up and buzzed at the new blooming. Schools of fish swam in the pools and were seen in countless numbers like the stars in the sky.

Trade in Madurai
The poet praises the people of Iruntaiyoor as being always happy and prosperous.  They were engaged in brick trade in addition to dealing in a wide range of goods. There seemed to be a high level of social activity in this region.

The streets of Iruntaiyoor were full of shops. All the traders seemed honest. Food stuff, cosmetics and edible were sold. Fragrant pastes, clothes, jewels of all kinds, cleansing powder, diamonds, gems, glittering stones, gold and silver and other precious items were traded.

These seemed to be produced from around the hills and mountains and from the sea for the benefit of the devotees congregating there at Iruntaiyoor.

Elsewhere in the town, there resided wise Brahmins who were well versed in Vedas. All around people were steadfast in following the Dharmic path.

Adisesha Temple

At Kullavaay near Madurai, there was an exclusive temple for Adisesha.  Men and Women of all ages flocked there carrying fragrant fumigants and flowers offered to the Lord in worship. The greatness of Adisesha is described.

He ends the poem with a prayer to bless everyone to adore this Lord who has 1000 awesome heads enshrined in Poomooti Nagar temple at Kullavaay.

 From all the 7 Paripatals ,it is clear that people here in Tamil Nadu especially in the Pandya region were religious. They were devoted to God. There were no fights on religious grounds. Worship of Supreme Lord in his various forms was almost universal in the Sangam days.

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