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Thiru Maliruncholai Periyazhvar Thirumozhi

The Victory Hill – A Pleasant Hill – A Beautiful Hill - A Sanctuary 
A Hill with Fertile Land - Long Ancient Great Mountain

Periyazhvar had a special liking for the Lord of Thiru Maliruncholai. In the fourth Canto, he praises the temples of Srirangam, Kadi Nagar and Thiru Koshtiyur. And he begins the praise with a detailed description in two decads of the activities surrounding Thiru Maliruncholai that provides insights into this place. He makes repeated references to Nupur Ganga and its greatness.
Celestial girls came all the way to bathe in Nupur Ganga that flowed down from the Thiru Malirun Cholai hills. Through the verses, he praises Nupur Ganga as producing sacred water. One also gets a glimpse of the force of Nupur Ganga. She is seen sending down sacred water from atop the hill that streams with great speed down the steep slope of the mountain. In the process, she is showering many precious gifts and it seems like a message to the devotees to place those directly at the feet of the Lord of Thiru Maliruncholai.
ஈட்டிய பல் பொருள்கள் எம்பிரானுக்கு அடியுறை என்று ஒட்டரும் தண் சிலம்பாறு உடை மாலிருஞ் சோலையதே

The Kalpataru flowers in heaven that he had earlier described in the 2nd canto (Satyabhama wanted Krishna to get it for her) is filled with nectar like fragrance and compares that to Nupur Ganga which he as having this fragrance of nectar. Devotees were seen thronging in big numbers through the year to have a sacred bath.
வானாட்டில் நின்று மாமலர்க் கற்பகத் தொத்த இழி
தேனாறு பாயும் தென் திரு மாலிருஞ் சோலையே 

He credits the huge groves of Thiru Maliruncholai to the flowing spring of Nupur Ganga that was producing streams of water round the year.

Rama and Krishna Avatara
Periyazhvar praises the Lord of Thiru Maliruncholai as both Rama and Krishna.

Ravana as one who was gifted the great sword Chandra Hasa by Shiva. The Lord who killed that great Lankan King and mutilated his sister’s nose provides darshan here in a grand posture.

Periyazhvar had earlier described the recognition provided by Krishna to the hunch back lady who as a reward for smearing sandal paste on his body was gifted with removal of the hunch. He reminds us once again of that episode in these verses.

Down South to Hell
He is praised as one who sends wicked Asuras down South to Hell. However, at the same time, those who offer sincere prayers at Thiru Maliruncholai are protected by him. Whenever in distress, even the celestials and sages used to invoke the blessings of the Lord of Thiru Maliruncholai and those who visit this temple are kept on the same noble path without deviating into doing wrong things.
தக்கார் மிக்கார்களை சஞ்சலம் செய்யும் சலவரை தெக்கா நெறியே போக்குவிக்கும் செல்வன் பொன் மலை

Cobras and Animals at Thiru Maliruncholai
Cobra is described as a huge long animal. Each time it raises its hood there is a scary hissing sound that one hears. The cobras of Thiru Maliruncholai were so long that their tongue that when stretched seem to be touching the moon.
நஞ்சுமிழ் நாக மேழுத்தணவி நளிர் மாமதியை செஞ்சுடர் நாவளைக்கும் திருமாலிருஞ் சோலையதே

Thiru Maliruncholai is described as a place home to huge elephants that make their way into the forest at the strike of dusk in large numbers as a herd. The Wild elephants are seen chasing helpless cows into the forest of Thiru Maliruncholai.

Bees are presented as a six legged creature that with its sweet buzzing noise wakes up the residents at dawn. Not only are the Vedic Seers chanting the Vedas, he says that such is the sanctity of this place that even the buzzing noise of the bees seem like they too are chanting the names of the Lord at Thiru Maliruncholai. The bees were enjoying sucking Nectar from the groves and then producing humming melodious tunes.
அறுகால் வரி வண்டுகள் ஆயிர நாமம் சொல்லி சிறுகாலைப் பாடும் தென் திரு மாலிருஞ் சோலையே

The silky worms presented a juice that seemed like nectar emanating from the Kovai fruit that Lord so enjoys.

Thiru Maliruncholai was home to gypsies of the Kurava tribe who were seen singing praise of the Lord in their typical Kurinji melody.

Description of Madurai
It was here at Thiru Maliruncholai that the great Pandya King Nedumaran celebrated his victory. The King is described as one who wielded a Sharp Spear. The name of the place is referred to as KOODAL and as the South City.

கொல் நவில் கூறவேற் கோன் நெடுமாறன் தென் கூடற் கோன் தென்னன் கொண்டாடும் தென் திரு மாலிருஞ் சோலையே

Many Facets of Maliruncholai
Periyazhvar then describes the scene at the top of the Thiru Maliruncholai Hills and makes an interesting comparison. One finds high KONRAI trees that are seen constantly shedding round yellow petals and curved stamens that Periyazhvar compares to generous people who graciously dole out gold coins and open rings.
பொருப்பிடைக் கொன்றை நின்று முறியாழியும் காசும் கொண்டு விருப்பொடு பொன் வழங்கும் வியன் மாலிருஞ்சோலை யதே

He also refers to four specific kinds of trees in the groves of Thiru Maliruncholai - Punnai, Nerundi, Vengai and Kongu. These four seemed to be so shaped that one finds them in the shape of a Necklace on God.
புன்னை செருந்தியொடு புனவேங்கையும் கோங்கும் நின்று பொன்னரி மாலைகள் சூழ் பொழில்...

He calls it the Beautiful Hill, an ‘ancient very long mountain’, a Great Sanctuary where animals enjoy themselves, a Pleasant and Cool Mountain with Nupura Ganga flowing all the time from atop the hill. Periyazhvar shares a positive message based on the experiences of the people. Those who visited the Lord at Thiru Maliruncholai and invoked his blessings before an event always returned with victory. And hence he describes it as a VICTORY HILL.

அலை வலைமை தவிர்த்த
அழகன் அலங்காரன் மலை
குல மலை கோல மலை
குளிர் மா மலை கொற்ற மலை
நில மலை நீண்ட மலை
திரு மாலிருஞ் சோலை யதே
A verse of 1000s on Thiru Maliruncholai
To drive home his point about the sanctity of Thiru Maliruncholai, Periyazhvar makes an exaggerated praise to make one understand the size and greatness of the hill. He refers to everything in 1000s - 1000s of lakes, streams and flower groves, the Lord seems to have a 1000 arms and 1000 shining crowns. And he seems to reside on a snake with 1000s of hoods.

ஆயிரம் தோல் பரப்பி முடி ஆயிரம் மின்னிலக
ஆயிரம் பைந்தலைய அனந்தசயனன் ஆளும் மலை
 ஆயிர  மாருகளும் கணைகள் பல வாயிரமும்
ஆயிரம் பூம் பொழிலுமுடை மாலிருஞ் சோலையதே

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