Friday, September 11, 2015

Krishna returns from grazing

Yashodha plans Birthday Bash to get him back into mood
No more going out in the Sun, definitely not without Umbrella and Sandals

Having spent an entire decad cribbing about having sent him out to graze the calves, Yashodha is delighted to see him back and describes the scene of his coming back home. She was angry about his mischievous acts and hence packed him off early in the morning to the forest so he will not trouble the girls any more. However, like a loving mother, she started to feel the pain of separation the moment he had left. Now she calls the entire Gokulam to welcome him on his return making it seem as if he was away for many months and years!!!! He had been out away from her only for part of a day but even that was unbearable for this loving mother who dotes on him despite all his mischievous acts. She says she is blessed to be the mother of such a son. 

She praises his beautiful ears: One ear has an earring made of cloth…. While the Red Lilly flowers are looking loving on his other ear. And then she describes his chest. The pearls on his chest are bright and he wears a shiny look. Down to the waist, she finds him wearing a new cloth (சீலைக் குதம்பை ஒரு காது ஒரு காது செந்நிற மேல் தோன்றிப் பூ).

On his return, graciously she confesses to waking him early and sending him out to graze. She regrets that decision and asks him for a kiss (உன்னை இளங்கன்று மேய்க்கச் சிறு காலி ஊட்டி ஒருப்படுதேன்…………… என் குட்டனே முத்தம் தா).

Come for a hot water bath
Describing his tired face covered with dust after a long weary day, Yashodha says she has water ready for his bath, following which he can have his dinner with his father who too has not eaten (நீராட்டு அமைத்து வைத்தேன்  ஆடி அமுது செய் அப்பனும் உண்டிலன் உன்னோடு உடனே உண்பான்).

Yashodha says she had gone inside to get him umbrella and sandal but he left before she could bring them. And now she sees his scorched feet and the reddish face having spent the day in the blazing sun. She bemoans the tired look on him after grazing the calves through the day
(குடையும் செருப்பும் குழலும் தருவிக்கக் கொள்ளாதே போனாய்………… அடியும் வெதும்பி உன் கண்கள் சிவந்தாய் அசைந்திட்டாய்).

It was okay for the older boys to go behind the cows, but Yashodha felt that her little boy was the youngest among them and it was too early for him to undertake this activity.

Once again, she is reminded of his old activities of gobbling up butter from everywhere and says that she find it difficult to keep him quiet even for a day. She talks about him gobbling up huge quantity of rice, curry and curd in on gulp, one that Gopas offered to Indra.

Birthday Celebrations
திரு நாள் திரு வோனம் மின்றேழு நாள் முன்
பண்ணேர் மொழியாரைக் கூவி முளை அட்டிப் பல்லாண்டு கூறுவித்தேன்
கண்ணாலம் செய்யக் கறியும் காத்தது அரிசியும் ஆக்கி வைத்தேன்

She confides that she does not have money to give him such offerings even for one occasion. But she is bullish on celebrating his next birthday in a grand manner. She says that his birthday is coming up in a week’s time and that she is organising a big celebration. She has sown the seeds in pots to sprout in time for his birthday. She has also got the milk maids to present benedictory songs and all of them are practising day and night for this occasion. ‘Vessels will be full of rice and vegetables’, she promises.

She asks him not to go out to the graze the calves ahead of his birthday (நீ நாளைத் தொட்டுக் கன்றின் பின் போகேல் கோலம் செய்து இங்கே இரு)

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