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Krishna Gopis fall for him

Gopis Swoon, fall into a Trance, Swear that they will not look at anyone else - Their bangles and clothes loosen on seeing the Handsome Young Boy
Mothers' warnings largely ignored as the young girls are overcome with infatuation

It is time for Gossip - 'Did you see that girl next to that unique boy - What a mismatch it is' !!!!!!!!! 

Angered at his  mischievous acts, Yashodha woke him up early in the morning and sent him to the forest to graze the cows. After having sent him thus, she spent the whole day cursing her own self for this hasty decision. By evening, she was back in good mood as she admired his return. She praised him so much that it looked like she had been away from him for many years and not just 12 hours.

After the mother expressed happiness at his return, the ladies of Gokulam who were part of the reason for him to be despatched to the forest, are thrilled to see him back. And it is celebration time once again at the Gokulam Colony.
Ladies forget their dinner!!!!
There are drum beats, trumpets, flutes and songs as they welcomed back the unique child (குழல்களும் கீதமும் ஆகி எங்கும் கோவிந்தம் வருகின்ற கூட்டம் கண்டு).

All the ladies are looking out through the windows to get a glimpse of him so much so that they even forgot their dinner and are exclaiming if the rain clouds that has suddenly set is in happiness of this handsome boy’s return from the forest (உள்ளம் விட்டு ஊண் மறந்து ஒழிந்தனரே).

He is described as coming back with Mullai and Vengai flowers along with other cowherds. They also talk about his clothes.

Stay away from him and save your bangles
Some of them are seen warning others to get out of his way as they run the risk of losing their bangles when they are lost in the process of admiring his handsome features (எல்லியம் போதாகப் பிள்ளை வரும் எதிர் நின்று அன்கினவலை இழவேன்மினே).

The Girl looks at him and the Gossip begins around town
One of the mothers is describing the gossip going around the place. Her daughter stood close to the tired Krishna and kept looking at him again and again. And immediately the entire town started talking connecting the two but accusing the girl and saying what a mismatch it was (அருகே நின்றாள் என் பெண் நோக்கிக் கண்டால் அது கண்டு இவ்வூர் ஒன்று புனர்க்கின்றதே).

Periyazhvar describes the scene of his return. He says that there are a variety of cows that he is bringing back from the graze. And then describes the boy who is taken care of them through the day. He is described as having a strong body, a fragrant tuft decked with peacock feathers. There is always a spark in his eyes and looks like a red lotus, even during the time he is tired after a long day’s work out.   He along with his cowherds are singing, dancing and playing the flute. He is too fascinating to be ignored.

Strategic move by a Gopi
Confiding that she has not seen anyone like him, one of the girls draws up a strategy with her friend. She wants her friend to hold him up on the pretext of him stealing their ball. And it is likely that everyone will believe this. And in this time, she will have a quick glance at his handsome features including his lovely lips and his ever smiling face (அறிந்து அறிந்து இவ்வீதி போது மாகில் பந்து கொண்டான் என்று வளைத்துப் பவளவாய் முறுவலும் காண்போம் தோழி).
Even in his tired looking face, he looks handsome. Her dress has become loose, her bangles are seen shaking and she is in the midst of losing control of herself.

She threatens - He is for me alone
One of the girls on seeing him singing and dancing, from the portico of her house, says he is the one for her and she cannot be given to anyone else. She threatens that if she is being considered for someone else, they will have to face a dire situation of confusion and chaos (மற்று ஒருவர்க்கு என்னைப் பேச லொட்டேன்..........கொற்றவனுக்கு இவளா மென் றெண்ணிக் கொடுமின்கள் கொடீராகில் கோழம்பமே).

A mother describes the scene at her house. Her daughter has swooned on seeing this handsome boy and is now in a trance unable to think of anyone else (அழகு கண்டு என் மகள் அயர்க்கின்றதே).

Another Mother had warned her daughter not to stand in his way on the street. Mesmirised by his beautiful features and his graceful looks, she could not resist the temptation and did not heed to my words. She stood at the junction of the road to glance at him. And her dress and bangles and bracelets have now loosened as a result (எதிர் நின்று அங்கினவளை இழவேல் என்னை சந்தியில் நின்று கண்டீர் நாங்க தன துகிலொடு சரிவனை கழல்கின்றதே).

Yet another mother too adds her story to this. She too had warned but her daughter confronted him lured by his handsome features.  He came adorning himself with Karthigai Flowers, wearing jasmine garlands, curly locks that fell on his shoulders and played delightful music on his flute that sent her into a rapturous mood. His majestic appearance led to a strong desire for him. Instead of staying out of his way, she confidently stood right in front of him only to find her white bangles slipping away

(அழகு கண்டு என் மகள் ஆசைப்பட்டு விளங்கி நில்லாது எதிர் நின்று கண்டீர் வேல்ல்வளை கழன்று மெய் மெலிகின்றதே).

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