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Krishna fears a giggle

அப்பூச்சி காட்டுகின்றான் - Shows fear when asked to giggle
 2nd Canto

In this first decad of the 2nd canto, Yashodha punishes him for his stealing acts, but later in Periyazhvar Thirumozhi, it is seen that the young child takes revenge on the mother!!!

Periyazhvar describes the Lord as one who is holding the conch in one hand and playing the flute with the other (the quality of his flute recital is described in detail in the third canto). He tried his best to broker a peace deal after the five brothers had lost the game of dice but did not manage to get even 10 villages. (பத்து ஊர் பெறாது அன்று பாரதம் கை செய்த அத்தூதன் அப்பூச்சி காட்டுகின்றான்). In his childhood days, he showed a certain artificial fear to giggle.

Periyazhvar follows this with the description of Krishna at the Mahabaratha war. Having failed to broker the peace deal, he drove the chariot and led Arjuna to victory against Duryodhana, his brothers and many other kings.

As seen in the 1st canto, he is described as a cowherd boy who jumped atop Kadamba tree and leapt over Kaliya and danced atop venomous snake.

The Birth Story
Once again he reminds us of the birth of Krishna, him being transported to Gokulam and the way he saved the cowherd. Born on a dark night to Devaki, he was shipped that very same rainy night to Yashodha who then brought him up so lovingly. He removed the fear of the cowherds by killing Kamsa and other evil forces ((இருட்டில் பிறந்து பொய் ஏழை வால் ஆயர் மருட்டித் தவிர்பித்து வான் கஞ்சன் மாளப் புரட்டி)). In addition to being mighty, he was also naughty in his early days with the Gopis and many a time would quietly steal their silk robes.

Yashodha punishes but he will make her regret
Born to the beautiful Devaki, he showed himself in all his resplendent beauty to her. When he moved to Yashodha soon after his birth, repeatedly he ate all milk, butter and ghee creating anger among the residents. He who killed many Asuras with effortless ease was once caught red handed by Nanda’s wife Yashodha for stealing butter. Frustrated with his repeated acts of stealing, she tied him to a mortar with a rope around his waist. This really pained him and he cried in pain (In the 2nd Canto, with the boy having grown a little more, he remembers this earlier episode and taunts his mother reminder her of how she created the pain in him (சேபூண்டு சாடு சிதறத் திருடி நெய்க்கு அப்பூண்டு நந்தன் மனைவி கடை தாம்பால் சோபூண்டு துள்ளித் துடிக்கத் துடிக்க).

Periyazhvar asks if Yashodha had this beautiful kid in her womb or if she adopted him later. And then asserts that whichever way, he is the Lion amongst the cowherds. He has black curly locks and is fully decked with flowers all the time (தத்துக் கொண்டால் கொலோ தானே பெற்றால் கொலோ, சித்தம் அணையால் ......).

He praises the child as one who earlier was banished to the forest on the ill advice of hunch back Manthara to kaikeyi. He let go of elephants and horses and left for the forest on bare foot giving away the kingdom to his brother Baratha.

Gajendra Moksham Episode
Periyazhvar also praises the Lord by narrating the Gajendra Moksham episode. When the crocodile caught the feet of the unsuspecting elephant, he writhed in pain and called out for the Lord seeking his refuge. Immediately the lord came on his vehicle Suparna and hurled the discus to provide relief to the elephant (பதக முதலை வாய்ப் பட்ட களிறு கதறிக் கை கூப்பி என் கண்ணா கண்ணா என்ன உதவப் புள் ஊர்ந்து அங்கு உறுதுயர் தீர்த்த).

Through each of the verses in this decad, Periyazhvar showcases the child as one who would playfully show fear ( in his innocent way) when everyone wanted him to giggle.

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