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Maliruncholai Andal Thirumangai Azhvaar

Andal in the Nachiyar Thirumozhi and Thirumangai Azhvaar in the Periya Thirumozhi have provided similar description of Thiru Maliruncholai
Seeking the hand of Lord Kallazhagar of Thiru Maliruncholai (Azhagar Koil), Andal in her Nachiyar Thirumozhi describes the beauty of the place where he resides (

She refers to the tall and fragrant groves where elephants played all the time. She calls the peacocks that are seen flocking and spreading their feathers wide as beautiful dancers and seeks their help in attaining the Lord. She tells them that as the Lord had taken away everything she had, she is now left with nothing to gift them for their artistic performance at Thiru Maliruncholai.

Andal is excited at the early morning songs of Koels and makes an alluring promise to them. She says that if the Lord of Thiru Maliruncholai accepts her love, both of them will come every morning and listen to the sweet songs of the Koels.

கார்க்கோட பூக்காள்மேல் தோன்றிப் பூக்காள், கோலை மணாட்டி, முல்லை பிராட்டி , கருவிளை ஒண் மலர்காள்

Andal also describes the beautiful flowers that filled this region around Thiru Maliruncholai. The place she says is full of Kavuvilai, Pata and Kaya flowers and Mullai Creeper that filled her heart with instant love for the Lord. She says that this place was also home to Kala fruit. This was also the place of the ‘Kongu’ trees. Andal also refers to the big lake around Thiru Maliruncholai that was full of red lotuses.

நாறு நறும் பொழில்
மாலிருஞ்சோலை நம்பிக்கு
நான் நூறு தடாவில் வெண்ணெய்
வாய் நேர்ந்து பராவி வைத்தேன்

நூறு தடா நிறைந்த அக்கார அடிசில் சொன்னேன்

In another verse, Andal lures the Lord with a gift of 100pots of his favourite butter and another 100pots of sweet morsel if he accepted her love for him.

இன்று வந்து இத்தனையும்
அமுது செய்திட பெறில்

நான் ஒன்று நூறாயிரமாக் கொடுத்துப் பின்னும்
ஆளும் செய்வான்

Suddenly as she is singing praise of the Lord, her love for him grows manifold and she ups the offering saying she that if he accepts her love for him instantly, she was ready to offer these a 100 thousand times more and promises to serve it to him herself.

Thirumangai on Maliruncholai
Like Andal, Thiru Mangai Azhwar too refers to peacocks flocking in groups and dancing at their best making a pleasing sight for everyone at the temple. Repeatedly he makes a mention of overflowing honey dripping flower groves in the hills of Thiru Maliruncholai.

He says that with so many flowers of different kinds, the bees are having a good time collecting honey from the mountain flowers.

The tall groves of the Vengai trees as described by him give us an indication of the seasons of the year.

தடங் கடல் முகந்து விசும்பிடைப் பிளறித்
தடவரைக் களிறு என்று முனிந்து
மடங்கள் நின்று அதிரும் மாலிருஞ்சோலை....

Thiru Mangai Azhwar describes to us a scene during the monsoon season when he found the lions mistaking the thick clouds arising from the ocean for the roaring of an elephant. And he says that in their typical aggressive style, the lions roared back in extreme anger.

சிலம்பு  இயல் ஆறு உடைய திருமாலிருன்சோலை
 In his verses of praise in the Periya Thirumozhi, Thiru Mangai Azhwar also makes a mention of Nupura Ganga (the place where Durvasa cursed Subadavasthu rishi) that flows through Thiru Maliruncholai hills.

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