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Idayatrumangalam Mangalya Easwaran Temple

Liberation from Mangalya Dosham
A special temple for Uthira Star devotees

Located 5kms South of Lalgudi on the Northern Banks of Coloroon is the Chozha Period Mangalya Easwaran temple in Idayatru Mangalam, one that is around 1000 years old.

Mangalya Rishi undertook severe penance here at this place. The rishi was empowered with the ability to bless true devotees with a good married life. His wife is believed to come here from the Deva Logam in the form ‘Akshathai’ during the sacred wedding time and bless devotees with a happy married life.

Legend has it that the Unmarried who come here, light a ghee lamp, present a garland to Lord Mangalya Easwaran and Mangalaambika and place their horoscope in front of the Lord and Goddess will hear the wedding bells soon.  

For centuries, it has been a practice to send an invitation to the Lord and Goddess at this temple once the wedding is finalised. 

And the married couple would then visit this temple, present garlands and invoke the blessings of Mangalya Easwaran and Mangalaambika.

This is especially special for Uthira Star devotees with Mangalya Dosham. A visit to this temple is believed to liberate them from this Dosham.

Surya, among the Navagriha planets is seen facing west and Lord Mangalya Easwaran. Normally he is seen facing West.

The name

The place was originally believed to have been between Cauvery and Coloroon and hence the name Iday Aatru mangalam (the place between two rivers). In one of the grave floods that hit the Coloroon, this small village was washed away to the Northern banks.


The temple has several inscriptions that date back to the Chozha Period. Inscription has reference to the penance of Mangalya Rishi and that this being a Uthira Star temple.

The traditional fish symbol of the Pandyas is seen atop the Maha Mandapa of the temple, an indication that the Pandyas improved upon the initial strong granite construction of the Chozhas.
There are also carvings of Chandran atop the Maha Mandapa.

Being an Uthira Star temple, Panguni Uthiram is a special occasion at this temple.

Vinayaka Chaturthi
Karthigai Deepam
Thai Sankranthi
Aadi and Thai Fridays

Quick Facts
Deity: Mangalya Easwaran East Facing
Goddess: Mangalaambika South Facing
Time : 8am-12noon and 6pm-8pm
Contact: Srinivasa Gurukal @ 98439 51363

How to reach

Idayatru Mangalam is about 5kms South of the Lalgudi Railway station. Buses ply every 2hours between Chatiram Bus Stand, Trichy and Lalgudi via Idayatru Mangalam.

Auto from Lalgudi Railway Station will cost Rs. 80. Contact Sudhakaran @ 97887 89400

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