Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kottur Srinivasa Perumal

A Temple built by the Mudhaliars of Kanchipuram in the 17th Century AD

Located just over 10kms from Mannargudi on the Thiruthuraipoondi road is the 350years old Srinivasa Perumal temple in Kottur, one that was built by the Mudaliars of Kanchi. The temple that recently was renovated wears a new look. Once upon a time the entire village was home to the Mudhaliars.

In the 17th Century, people from Kanchipuram migrated and several of them settled at Karappankadu. The Mudhaliar community that hailed from Vallapakkam village near Kanchi settled here in Kottur. Their Kula Deivam was Venkatachalapathy and hence they built the Srinivasa Perumal temple in the heart of Kottur. 

In memory of this, there is an idol of Krishna Mudhaliar inside the temple.

They also created an Agraharam and set up a Veda Paatashala. This was later surrendered to the HR & CE in the 20th century.

Later people from Ukkada Kamalapuram used to take care of the temple.

This continues to be the Kula Deivam temple for many of them.

Procession on Shravanam every month

When here also visit, Varadaraja Perumal temple in Rayanallur, just a few kms away.

Quick Facts
Moolavar: Srinivasa Perumal east facing standing posture
Time      : 7am-10am and 5pm-8pm
Contact   : Sriram Bhattar @ 96592 71274

How to reach

Buses ply every half hour between Mannargudi and Thiruthuraipoondi

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Well mentioned facts about this temple..I am from Kottur and our family members were behind the renovation of this temple.. This is only Venkatachalapathy Temple in Thiruvarur District.. This Village was famous for Veda Pathasala long back.. I must say I am delighted to go through your blog bringing lots of news about such temples which were supporting our ancient culture for a long time and lost their glories in this urbanised century. .