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Rayanallur Varadaraja Perumal Temple

Thirumalai Nayak period temple was home to a long Agraharam with Vaishnavites and Smarthas lining up on either side
Located 15kms from Mannargudi on the Thiruthuraipoondi road is the Thirumalai Nayak period Varadaraja Perumal temple in Rayanallur. It is believed that Thirumalai Nayak donated this village to the ‘Rayas’ who were working under the Nayaks. Hence, the place came to be referred as ‘Raya’ Nallur. 2acres of land still remains in the possession of the temple.

The moolavar idol was installed during the Nayak period. There was a long agraharam on the Western side of the temple with Vaishnavas living on one side and the Smarthas on the other. Brahmins from Andhra used to take care of the Mutt at the Western end of the Agraharam.

During the last century, the temple had become dilapidated and the moolavar idol as well as the idol of Garuda was found when the temple was being renovated.

Kaisika Puranam will be read out on Dec 2 this year with Vedic Scholars coming in from Mannargudi and Vaduvur. Lord will be adorned with Thailakappu every full moon day. The temple is also planning to conduct Brahmotsavam in a grand manner.

On the last Friday of the Tamil month, Perundevi Thaayar goes on a procession.

A special feature at the temple is the 18 Thirumanjanam that takes place on special days every month.

Quick Facts
 Moolavar: Varadaraja Perumal in an East facing Standing Posture
Thaayar  : Perundevi Thaayar
Time      : 7am-11am and 4pm-8pm
Contact  : Ramesh Bhattar @ 72990 74482

How to reach

Buses ply every half hour from Mannargudi to Thiruthuraipoondi. The temple is just a few minutes walk from Rayanallur bus stop

Taxi from Mannargudi to Rayanallur and back

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