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Karisulntha Mangalam Venkatachalapathy temple

One of the few Moolavar Chakkarathazhvaar temples
A Merchant gifted money to take care of Thaligai requirements in the early 13th Century AD
A musician was appointed exclusively for this temple during that period whose family was also given the hereditary rights to the temple!!!
Located 1km North of Pathamadai temple ( on the Southern banks of Tamarai Barani is the Venkatachalapathy temple in Karisulntha Mangalam, a temple that dates back a 1000years. As per the inscription of 1250AD dating to the rule of Sundara Pandya II, this temple was referred to as ‘Then Thiruvengadam’ and  the place itself was called ‘Kali’ ‘Say’ Mangalam which over time became ‘Kali’ ‘Sul’ntha Mangalam ( and later 'Karisulntha). 

The distance to this place was indicated as being the Eastern Hamlet of Cheran Maha Devi Chaturvedi Mangalam in Mulli Naadu (in the current measure, it is just 2kms East of Cheran Maha Devi).

While the Utsava processional deity is Venkatachalapathy and the temple is known by that name, the moolavar is Chakkarathazhvaar reminding one of the Chakrapani Temple in Kumbakonam. 
Chakkarathazhvaar is seen with 16hands. Behind him is Lord Yoga Narasimha with four hands

Romasa Rishi undertook penance here at this place and performed pooja invoking the blessings of Lord Venkatachalapathy.

 Kitchen Thaligai Items
There was a gift of 3anai achchu in 1202AD by a merchant residing in 'Ulaguyya Vanda Pandya Perum Theru' ( one of the streets here at that time) for providing Kitchen requisites.

Renovation and Reconstruction
A renovation of the Vimana took place in 1297AD during the rule of Kulasekara I with the repairs being undertaken by Lata Pittusi Rahuttar. Inscriptions also register that in the 30th year of his rule, the temple was rebuilt on the banks of Mauthika Vahini (now Tamarai Barani).

Appointment of Musician
A certain ‘Then Thiruvengada Manikkam’ was appointed as the Musician of the temple with a stipulation that she and her two brothers should be the hereditary servants of the temple.
Garuda Seva
A special feature at the temple is the 60+ Garuda Sevai that takes place every year. 

Quick Facts
Moolavar: Chakkarathazhvaar
Utsavar  : Venkatachalapathy with Sri and Bhoo Devi
Time      : 6am-11am and 4pm-530pm
Contact  : Venkatesan Bhattar @ 75985 78254

How to reach:
From Tirunelveli, buses every 15minutes to Pathamadai (Ambai / Papanasam) bound buses. Take an auto from Pathamadai to reach Karisulntha Mangalam( 2kms). Auto will cost Rs. 80 (to and fro).

 Bus 36D runs between Tirunelveli and Karisulntha Mangalam.
                                                                                Tamarai Barani

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