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Puthur Erode Lakshmi Narayana Perumal Temple

1600AD temple where Goddess Lakshmi is seen seated on Lord Narayana's left thigh
Garuda seen facing South, away from Lakshmi Narayanan Sannidhi is a unique feature

Located 7kms South of Erode Railway Station on the Oothukuzhi highway is 17th Century AD Lakshmi Narayana Perumal Temple in 46 Puthur. The temple was built in 1600 AD by Mysore Karthar kings. A 1750AD data records Deputy Collector Tulasingar attesting the construction of the temple by Mysore King.

Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan may have contributed to the temple later on like they did with a few temples here in this region.

Interesting Features
Goddess Lakshmi is seen seated on Lord Narayanan's left thigh with her feet place on Lotus petals.One finds several interesting features on the flag post at the Eastern Entrance. Navaneetha Krishnan and Anjaneya are seen in a Bala Posture. Unlike in all other temples where Garuda is seen facing the Lord, here he is seen facing South away from Lord Lakshmi Narayanan.

Inside the temple are centuries old idols of Kalinga Narthana and Vinayaka along side each other.
Dasavathara Paintings
On the inner roof of the Maha Mandapa are exquisite Dasavathara Paintings depicting each of the avatharas of Lord Narayana.

The later period additions - Maha Mandapa and Homam Mandapa have Kerala Style of architecture. Anjaneya is seen with his long tail up behind his head in a separate sannidhi facing North. 

The temple gains even more significance from the fact that Sringeri Sarada Peedam’s Barathi Theertha Swami visited this temple as part of his Theertha Yatra.

Special Homam every full moon day along with full meals to all devotees who visit the temple that day
Abhishekam on Vaikunta Ekadesi
Special pooja on Hanuman Jayanthi
Quick Facts
Moolavar         : Narayanan with Lakshmi seated on his left lap
Time                : 6am-9am, open through the day every full moon day
Contact            : Prakash/Padmanabhan @ 94422 71818 / 94423 01001

How to reach
From Bus stand, take bus 19/19A to reach the temple. Mini Buses every 30minutes to 46Puthur.

Auto from Erode Station will cost Rs.100-120. Contact: 93641 08310

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