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Kathir Narasinga Perumal Reddiarchatram

Two Unique one of its kind features 
 6 ½ feet Anjaneya seen in the Agni Moolai of the temple, Bairava seen with 2 Vahanas
Located 15kms from Dindigal is the Pandya Period Kathir Narasinga Perumal temple in Kothapulli Village in Reddiarchatram, one that still has the strong granite structure of temples of that period. The temple was later renovated by Vijayanagara rulers and Kannivadi Zamindars. The temple has 220acres of land under its possession.

Kathir Narasinga Perumal is seen in a soft posture with a lean slim look unlike his normally angry presence in other Narasimha temples. The handsome looking Utsavar is seen with a conch and chakra.

Unique Anjaneya
A unique feature at the temple is the presence of the 6 ½ feet tall Anjaneya at the Agni Moolai (South Eastern corner of the temple), the only one of its kind in India. His body is facing the Eastern side while his face is turned towards the Northern direction. The right hand is lifted while the left hand is holding a mace in a posture to destroy the ego and arrogance. The huge tail is seen lifted behind on his right side.

One of its kind Bairava Sannidhi
Another special one of its kind feature at this temple is the presence of Bairava with two Vahanas. Normally one finds only a single vahana.

Chakkarath Azhvaar Sannidhi
Yet another special feature is the presence of ChakkarathAzhvaar carved on a square stone unlike the use circular stone. He is seen with Devas all around him.

There is an ancient Pandya period inscription on South wall of the Maha Mandapa

Vaikasi Narasimha Jayanthi
Avani Gokulashtami

Puratasi is celebrated in a grand way at this temple

1st Saturday – Sandal Paste Abhishekam for Narasinga Perumal and Anjaneya
2nd Saturday- Vennai Kaapu
3rd Saturday-Vegetable Maalai for Anjaneya / Ekantha Sevai Moolavar/Utsavar Narasimha
                      On this day, there is also the Thiru Kalyana Vaibhavam
4th Saturday- Maalai Alankaram for Narasinga Perumal and Anjaneya
5th Saturday- Pushpa Alankaram for Narasinga Perumal and Anjaneya

One can find solutions to problems relating to wedding hindrances, joblessness and childlessness by offering sincere prayers at this temple.
Quick Facts
Moolavar         : Kathir Narasingar in an East Facing Standing Posture with Sri and Bhoodevi
Thaayar           : Kamalavalli Thaayar
Time                : 730am-12noon and 4pm-7pm
Contact           : Vijayaraghavan Bhattar@ 98430 85165/97877 05083

How to reach
Reddiarchatram is about 15kms from Dindigul on the Palani highway. The temple is on the main road ½ km east of the bus stop. Buses ply every 15minutes from Dindigul. One can also take the Dindigul-Ottanchatram town bus to get down in front of the temple (Perumal Koil bus stop).

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