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Thiru Mogur Gajendra Moksham Utsavam

Thiru Mogur Lord displays three special Thiru Kolams on Maasi Magam
Gajendra Moksham Episode enacted
Mogur Aapthan, the Utsava processional deity of Thiru Mogur Divya Desam displayed three special Thiru Kolams on this festive full moon day in Maasi. 

During the 4km 10hour day long procession from Thiru Mogur to Yaanaimalai, he was seen in a Kallazhagar Thirukolam, stopping over at Kothandarama Temple at Othaikadai on the way.
As per the legend of Thiru Mogur, Lord Vishnu took the form of a ‘Mohini’ and used the lady charm to mesmerize the Asuras who lured by the beautiful maiden forgot their objective of securing the nectar, a sip of which would have given them immortality. 

Signifying this event, this place came to be referred to as Mohana Kshetram and this temple as Thiru ‘Mohur’. Taking the devotees back in time to the legend of this divya desam, the Lord of Thiru Mogur displayed his Mohini avataram at Yaanaimalai. Clad in a shining bright white vastram, the Lord went on a procession at 10pm to the four pillared Mandapa at the Northern Entrance where he was anointed with Thailakappu.
For the next three hours, the Bhattars of Thiru Mogur – Govindan Bhattar and Sridhar Tiruvoimozhi Pillai Bhattar – were bestowed with the honour of getting Mogur Aapthan ready for the third and the much awaited Thiru Kolam of the day. 

Gajendra Moksham Puranam
Just after 2am, the screens opened again and one could immediately recognize the effort of these two Bhattars. Lord Mogur Aapthan in a beautiful Green and Violet Vastram with a set of shining jewels across his chest and a glittering majestic crown on top made his way out carried by Garuda who himself was clad in a pure white dhoti with big sized colourful pathakams on his chest.
It was well past 230am and time for the enactment of the Gajendra Moksham episode, the big event of the day. The scene was well set - a 3feet tall wooden elephant and a 4feet long wooden crocodile had been placed on the temple tank with the crocodile clutching on to the right leg of the elephant. 

One could almost visualize Gajendra’s loud shout for help as tears rolled down the eyes of the devotees. Seated at the four pillar mandapa alongside the Lotus tank, Mogur Aapthan listened to the sweet 30minute recital of the Gajendra Moksham Puranam by Sridhar Bhattar, a descendent of Tiruvoimozhi Pillai. 

Following the recital of each verse, he explained the significance of this event and how Lord Narayana relieved Gajendra, who pleaded for the Lord’s support, and saved him from the clutches of the crocodile. Similarly, all those who offer their prayers sincerely to the Lord will also be protected by him and relieved of their troubles in life. 

Sridhar Bhattar has been reciting the Puranam for the last 28years at this temple on the full moon night in Maasi and his devotion to the Lord has not waned one bit in all these years as was seen here. 

 As he recited the stanza relating to Lord Narayana hurling his discus to kill the crocodile, a cracker bullet was shot at from near Mogur Aapthan that sped and struck the crocodile at a lightening pace, thus relieving the elephant from its clutches. Hundreds of devotees had happy tears in their eyes as they relived this historical episiode.
As the delighted devotees made their way back just after 3am, Mogur Aapthan too left Y. Narasingam on the Garuda Vahana and reached his abode at Thiru Mogur the next morning brining to end this annual Gajendra Moksham Utsavam.

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