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Pey Azhvaar Parthasarathy Koil annual trip

On Tuesday (October 1), Pey Azhvaar, one of the Muthal Azhvaars, of Kesava Perumal Temple made his annual trip from his Avathaara Sthalam in the Maaya Puri Kshetram of Mylapore to Parthasarathy Koil Divya Desam in Thiruvallikeni. 
This was a centuries old tradition that had been discontinued in the middle of the 20th century. Over the last dozen years, this tradition of Pey Azhvaar making his annual trip to Thiruvallikeni Divya Desam has been revived.

It has also been tradition for Lord Parthasarathy to have a stop-over at Mylapore en-route his annual visit to Iyyapanthangal in Thai, for in many of the verses of Thirumangai Azhvaar, one finds Thiruvallikeni and Mylai being praised in the same breath. Thirumazhisai Azhvaar too talks about the close connection between the two.

Thirumazhisai's reference to Mylapore and Thiruvalllikeni 
தாளால் உலகம் அளந்த அசைவேய்கோல்
வாள கிடந்தருளும் வாய்ந்திறவான் நீள்  ஓதம்
வந்து அலைக்கும்  மா மயிலை மா அல்லிக்கேணி யான்
ஆஇய்ந்தலை வாய் நாகத்து ஆணை

Pey Azhvaar is believed to have performed daily Aradhana for Kesavaperumal here in Mylapore and is said to have visited Lord Parthasarathy at Thiruvallikeni.

Leaves for Thiruvallikeni
Starting at 3pm after recital of his composition ‘Thiru Kanden, Ponmeni Kanden.., from Moondraam Thiruvanthathi, he made a stop-over at his avathara sthalam in Mylapore. 

He reached the South end of Parthasarathy Koil at 4pm where he was welcomed by Senai Mudhalayar and Sri. Sadagopan opposite the Narasimha Sannidhi with the presentation of Pey Azhvaar’s Moonraam Thiruvanthaathi verses.

An hour later, Pey Azhvaar made his way into the Parthasarathy Koil paying respects in each of the Sannidhi presenting Thirumangai Azhvaar’s Periya Thirumozhi verses praising the Lord of Thiruvallikeni - Lord Parthasarathy (விற்பெரு விழாவும் கஞ்சனும் மல்லும்), Vedavalli Thaayar (வேதத்தை வேதத்தின்), Varadaraja Perumal (மீனவர்  பொய்கை நாண்மலர் கொய்வான்), Thelliya Singar (பள்ளியிலோதி வந்த தன்  சிறுவன்......தெள்ளிய சிங்கம் ஆகிய தேவை) and Andal (இன் துணை பதுமத் ..... பஞ்ச பாண்டவர்காகி) in that order.

Joint Procession with Lord Parthasarathy
Sharp at 7pm, Parthasarathy and Pey Azhvaar, accompanied by the recital of Moonraam Thiruvanthaathi made a joint trip across the four big Mada streets of Triplicane providing darshan to devotees who had gathered there to seek the blessings of the ‘Mudhal Azhvaar’.
930pm was time for Pey Azhvaar of Mylapore to bid good bye to Lord Parthasarathy of Triplicane for another year. After being presented with Lord Parthasarathy’s garland and parivattam, Pey Azhvaar made his way back to his Avathara Sthalam of Mylapore reaching the Kesavaperumal temple at 1030pm.

Brahmotsavam in Panguni
Theppotsavam in Thai
Pey Azhvaar Avathara Utsavam in Aipasi

Quick Facts

Moolavar: Kesavaperumal East Facing Standing Posture
Thaayar   : Mayuravalli Thaayar
Time         : 7am-1130am and 430pm-830pm
Contact     : Veera Raghava Bhattar @ 94442 74557 / 24618106

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