Monday, September 23, 2013

Thiru Kannapuram Tiruvoimozhi paasuram

God will not be true to those who worship him outwardly but are false within, and live without good intent
மெய்யன் ஆகும் விரும்பித் தொழுவார்க்கு எல்லாம்
பொய்யன்  ஆகும் புறமே போழுவாற்கு எல்லாம்
செய்யில் வாளை உகளும் திருகன்னபுரத்து
ஐயன் ஆகத்து அனைபார்கட்கு  அணியனே - NamAzhvaar Tiruvoimozhi - 9-10-7

The Lord of Thiru Kannapuram will bless and take care of those offering prayers to him with sincerity
However,  those offering prayers only outwardly without good intent will be punished by him and he will make
them realise their faults.

The Lord is special to those devotees who always keep him close to their heart.

Nam Azhvaar also refers to the lush fields of Kannapuram and the huge number of fishes found here.

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