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Krishnan Koil Ambasamudram

Prarthana Sthalam for bringing together Separated Couples
Markandeya Rishi installed the Saligrama Venugopalaswamy
Located 30kms West of Tirunelveli and 100yards North East of the Kallidaikurichi-Ambasamudram road  bridge is the over 1000year old Krishnan Koil (Venugopalan) in the Punnai Vana Kshetram of Ambasamudram, where the handsome Saligrama Krishna., is seen in a standing posture playing the flute along with Rukmini and Satyabhama. The Utsava deity is also in a similar posture playing the flute.

Markandeya Rishi's connection with Krishnan Koil  
The moolavar deity is believed to date back to the period of Markandeya Rishi. Legend has it that Adisesha stopped by here providing darshan to Markandeya Rishi and asked him to install the idol of Krishna on the Northern banks of Tamarabarani River. And promised to be present here.

Markandeya Rishi is said to have brought the Saligrama idol from Kandigai River in Nepal and installed it here. The interesting feature is that the Saligrama idol was carved in the form of Krishna playing the flute without any help from the sculptors.  

9Hooded Adhisesha atop the Standing Lord
The 9hooded Adhisesha who normally is seen atop the Lord in a sleeping posture, is seen here atop Lord Venugopalaswamy in a Standing posture.  Each of the 9heads is believed to relate to a Navagraha planet. Hence, a visit to this temple and offering sincere prayers is believed to liberate one from Navagraha dosha.

Temple Architecture- Chera Period
Chera King Sengutty Valithi is believed to have constructed the temple as seen in the current form and architecture.

Name of the Temple
In centuries gone by, this entire area was a Punnai Vana Kshetram. Hence the Lord here is also known as Punnai Vana Krishna. In memory of this, the Lord goes on a Punnai Vana Vahana on the 7th day procession of the Brahmotsavam in Vaikasi.

The Villagers in and around Ambai also refer to this Lord as Krishnaswamy, though the temple itself has now come to be known as Krishnan Koil.

Prarthana Sthalam
This is a prarthana sthalam for bringing together separated couples. It is believed that performing a Thirumanjana for Lord Krishna at this temple and offering sincere prayers here will bring together separated couples.

As part of the success of their prayers, within 6months of child birth, devotees may perform Milk Abhisheka for Lord Krishna.


10day Brahmotsavam in Vaikasi
Theppotsavam in Aani( there is a big temple tank to the North of the temple complex)
Oonjal Utsavam on Fridays in Thai
On the 5th day of the Brahmotsavam is the 5Garuda Seva
On the 10th day, Perumal and Thaayar go on a procession to the Thaamarai Barani for Theerthavari utsavam

Quick Facts
Moolavar  : Venugopalaswamy East Facing Standing Posture
Thaayar    : Rukmini and Satyabhama
Utsavar    : Venugopalan playing the flute
Time        : 730am-1030am and 530pm-8pm
Contact    : G Krishnan Bhattar @ 04634 251445 or 99439 57884

How to reach
Ambasamudram is about 30kms West of Tirunelveli on the Tenkasi Highway
Krishnan Koil is located 100yards East of the Ambasamudram Arch and is a 5minute walk from the Ambai bus stand
Buses every 15minutes from Tirunelveli
Train services twice a day from Tirunelveli and Tenkasi to Ambasamudram 

Car from Tirunelveli and back will cost about Rs.1000/- . Contact @ 94436 71632 for car from Tirunelveli
When here also visit, Mannar Koil Rajagopalaswamy Temple ( 5kms West) and Kallidaikuruchi Aadhi Varaha Perumal Temple ( 2kms South)

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