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Navaneetha Krishna Temple Melaseval

A 14th Century AD Travancore Period Krishna temple that is rich in stone carvings
Melaseval was home to several learned scholars and one could hear Vedic Chanting through the day
Located 16kms West of Tirunelveli off the Papanasam Highway on the banks of Tamaraibarani is the over 750years old Navaneetha Krishnan temple in Melaseval. Spread over a huge 1acre complex, the temple has Saligrama Moolavar Lord in a unique standing posture holding Ghee in both his palms.

The temple dates back to reign of the Travancore kings with Kulasekara constructing the Prakara and the Thaayar Sannidhi.

The name
Tamaraibarani Mahatmiyam refers to this place as ‘Jothirvanam’ and the existence of Gowri Theertham and Prabha Theertham.

The Story
Feeling tired after a long hot morning’s work, a cowherd, slept in the hot sun. To protect him from the belting sun, a snake that passed by cast its hood and gave him protection.A lad who was watching this told the cowherd that he would one day achieve princely status and that if he attained such a status, he should reward him for the prediction.  

Surprisingly, the illiterate cowherd got a job in the kingdom of Travancore and soon through sheer hard work rose to become a minister. He searched for the lad who had predicted thus but could not find him. He then came here  and built Navaneetha Krishna temple at Melaseval where the Lord is seen in the form of a young boy. The temple was later improved upon by the kings of Venad.

During the Venad rule, this place was referred to as Veera Kerala Puram and this temple followed the Kerala Tradition of Worship. In centuries gone by, this place had two Agraharams and was rich with the presence of learned scholars and the constant chanting of the Vedas.
Composition of Tiruchendur Purana
Another story goes that Kaviraya who worked at the Madapalli at the Tiruchendur temple was once lost in thoughts of Lord Muruga that he forgot to get the sacred food ready for the Lord as a result of which he was thrown out of the temple.

He invoked the blessings of Lord Muruga who asked him to go to the Krishna temple in Jothirvanam. Arriving here, this sincere Muruga devotee sat here at the Krishna Temple and under the guidance of the senior scholars here composed the Tiruchendur Purana, which was then in the Northern language, in Tamil. 

40 ancient carvings
The upper walls of the Maha Mandapa have  over 40 exquisite carvings of Ramayana, Mahabaratha and Bhagavatha. There are also several inscriptions inside the temple in the outer prakara.
Prarthana Sthalam
Lord Navaneetha Krishna is said to answer the sincere prayers of childless couples if they place the Naga idol inside the temple and offer Milk Payasam to the Lord.

Uriyadi – Krishna Jayanthi is celebrated in a grand manner at this temple
Margazhi Utsavam- 2nd 10days
Vaikunta Ekadesi
Thai Poosam Annual Abhishekam
Thai Opening Day Garuda Seva
Chitrai Opening Day Garuda Seva

Quick Facts
Moolavar         : Navaneetha Krishnan East Facing Standing Posture
Thaayar           : Rukmini/Satyabhama
Utsavar           : Krishna
Temple Time    : 10am-8pm
Contact            : Rama Bhattar @ 0462 2582213 ( comes every morning from Palayamkottai)

How to reach
Buses ply every 10minutes between Tirunelveli and Papanasam. One can get down at Melaseval (about 20minutes from Tirunelveli). From Melaseval main road, an auto to the temple will cost Rs. 25/-

From Tirunelveli Junction, direct bus to Melaseval Krishna Temple - Bus Numbers: 14, 14A, 14C, 34G
From Cheran Maha Devi, Mini bus every hour from 9am

When here also visit, Ramaswamy Temple at Cheran Maha Devi (10kms West of here), Aadhi Varaha Perumal at Kallidaikurichi ( just over 15kms from here) and Kulasekara Perumal Rajagopalaswamy Temple in Mannar Koil  near Ambasamudram (20kms from here)


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