Friday, April 13, 2012

Thiru Pullani Panguni Utsavam

Kalyana Jagannatha Perumal and Pattabhisheka Rama made a joint trip to the Sethu Shore for the Theerthavari Utsavam

Ahead of his march to Lanka, it was here at the Thiru Pullani temple (about 10kms south of Ramanathapuram) that Rama invoked the blessings of Adhi Jagannathan, the moolavar deity at this Divya Desam seeking victory in his upcoming battle against Ravana. The story goes that after having defeated the Lankan king, Lord Rama narrated to Sita here at Thiru Pullani the sequence of events that led to him crossing the Sea on his mission to bring her back.

In memory of Lord Rama’s onward march to Lanka that was planned from the Sethu Sea Shore and in celebration of his subsequent victory over the Lankan King Ravana, Kalyana Jagannatha Perumal, the Utsava deity and Pattabhisheka Rama of Thiru Pullani Divya Desam made a joint once in a year 4km trip to the Sethu Sea Shore last Friday (April 6) morning for the Theerthavari Utsavam.

Kalyana Jagannathan and Pattabhisheka Rama had an early start to the day with a 7am alankara to get them ready for the day long procession to the Southern sea shore.

Seated on two separate palanquins and driven all the way on bullock carts Jagannatha Perumal and Pattabhisheka Rama went on an one hour procession to the Sethu Sea Shore at 11.30am for the Theerthavari Utsavam.

At the Hanuman temple on the banks of the Sethu sea shore, special Thirumanjana was performed for both Lord Jagannathan and Pattabhisheka Rama, while Hanuman was honoured with a special Abhisheka as an acknowledgement of his efforts in locating Sita and giving Rama the good news.

After providing joint darshan on the banks of the Sethu Sea Shore for over 3hours, Kalyana Jagannatha Perumal and Pattabhisheka Rama made their way back to Thiru Pullani Divya desam in the evening.

Sacred Place for Surrender to the Lord
It was here that Vibheeshana, the brother of Ravana, came for refuge and surrendered to Lord Rama asking him for protection from Ravana’s fury. Rama preached the doctrine of ‘Surrender’ that is applicable even today - ‘I cannot reject anyone who comes to me for protection. This is my dharma. If Raavana himself came to me I would not reject him. How then can I reject his brother who has done me no wrong?’

The doctrine that Lord accepts all who, in absolute surrender, seek shelter at his feet is an important message of hope to erring humanity.

Out of all the Divya Desams, Thiru Pullani is said to be the most sacred for those devotees who want ‘absolute surrender to Lord’.

Darbha Sayana Rama

Having accepted Vibheeshana here at the Sethu Sea shore, Lord Rama orchestrated the plan to cross the sea. Spreading Darbha grass on the banks of River Sethu, Rama under took a fast addressing Varuna (Sea Lord) and looked to him for a solution to cross the sea. Being the one who undertook a fast lying on the Darbha grass, Rama is seen in a Darbha Sayana Posture.

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