Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kovil Pathagai Sundara Raja Perumal Temple

Two forms of Vishnu provided darshan to two Great Rishis
Ashta Naga Garuda is a special feature at this temple

Located 3kms North of Avadi Railway Station in Kovil Pathagai is the Sundara Raja Perumal temple, believed to date back 750years, one that has two moolavar deities and where two rishis performed penance and were provided darshan by two different forms of Vishnu.

Brigu Maha Rishi is believed to have undertaken penance at this place. Answering his prayers, Sundara Raja Perumal provided darshan to him in a grand sitting posture and stayed here as per the wishes of the rishi.

Vaikunta Natha Perumal, believed to be the original presiding deity at this temple, provided darshan to Markandeya Maha rishi who is seen alongside the west facing Lord Vaikuntanathan. Opposite Vaikuntanathan is the Ashta Naga Garuda in a sitting posture.

Centuries ago, there was a chariot here at the temple and the Lord is believed to have undertaken processions sitting atop the chariot.

On the Vimana are sculptures of Parthasarathy and Ranganatha, in a Sayana Posture.


Vaikasi Brahmotsavam
Aani Garuda Seva
Panguni – 13 streets procession- Kalyana Utsavam

Quick Facts

Moolavar: Sundara Raja Perumal East facing sitting posture
Vaikunta Nathan West Facing sitting posture

Thaayar : Sundara Valli Thaayar ( Separate Sannidhi)
Temple Time: 7am-8am and 530pm-7pm
Priest: Janakiraman Bhattar @ 98406 29471

How to reach

Bus Numbers: 61D, 61E, 61R and 61K from Avadi bus stand (will take 10minutes to reach the temple)

Share auto from Avadi bus stand will cost Rs.10/-


Anonymous said...

Why is the Perumal wearing a vadagalai thiruman when the temple is a thengalai sampradhaya temple??

Srinivasan said...

Everywhere (main entrance, walls, dwajasthambam) it is thenkalai thiruman but moolavar adorns vadakalai. Definitely it is recent conversion by vadakalai people. The conversion is still in the process. First they changed on the moolavar and will gradually change on the walls, dwajasthambam too. Nearby thenkalai people - please take care of this temple and see that it is restored to thenkalai again.

Unknown said...

Prasanna Venkatesan said

Ashtabandhana Mahasamproshanam will be done in this Temple from 12/07/2013 till 14/07/2013 after 44 years.As per traditional ethics of this temple,new Battachariyar is doing the daily poojas in Vaikanasam Ahamam.Battachariyar:Sudhakar Battachariyar,Contact No:9790799394.Renovation work is under the process,anyone interested in contributing can contact him.

Anonymous said...

Is this now remains as thenkalai temple? anyone can confirm?

Aruna said...

Hi, pic is of vaikunda Nathar who bears vadagalai Thiruman. Only temple as far as I know where u got to see sundarrajar for thengalai in front and at back vaikunda Nathar for vadagalai

Pavitra said...

thenkalai only