Friday, October 15, 2010

Thiruneermalai Thirumangai Paasuram

Four in One says Thirumangai Azhvaar

அன்று ஆயர் குலக் கொடியோடு அணி மா மலர்
மங்கையொடு அன்பு அளாவி, அவுணர்க்கு

என்றானும் இரக்கம் இலாதவனுக்கு
உறையும் இடம் ஆவது, இரும் பொழில் சூழ்
நன்று ஆய புனல் நறையூர்
திருவாலி, குடந்தை, தடம் திகழ் கோவல்நகர்

நின்றான், இருந்தான், கிடந்தான், நடந்தாற்கு
இடம் மா மலை ஆவது, நீர்மலையே-

Thirumangai Azhvaar Periya Thirumozhi

In this verse, Thirumangai refers to Lord Kannan as the spouse of Nappinai ( the cowherd lady)and Lakshmi (the Lotus Goddess) who was merciless in killing the asuras to protect the world at large.

Giving Thiruneermalai a special status, Thirumangai compares it with Naraiyur, Thiruvali, Thiru Kudanthai and Thiru Kovilur and reveals that one can see the Lord of all these four temples at Thiruneermalai.

In his reference to Thiru Naraiyur, Thirumangai refers to the standing Lord residing amidst groves in the well watered town. He refers to Kudanthai as the Lord in a sleeping posture, to Thiruvali, where the Lord is seen sitting and to Thiru Kovilur as the one in a standing posture.

In conclusion Thirumangai says that on the hills of Thiruneermalai, one can find him in all these four postures and hence it is sacred to visit this place.


Krishnan said...

I worshipped at Nanguneri and Tirukurungudi temples last Monday and your posts proved to be of great help. May Lord Bless you,

PRabhu S said...

okay, thank you for the kind words.

did you get to visit Malai Mel Nambi.


Sridharan said...

I like your blog. Well done. Provides good information for a prospective traceller. I've enrolled as a follower to your blog. I too like travelling in the limited time I get.
Your blogs will be very useful.
My blog might interest you.

Krishnan said...

Yes I did visit Malaimel Nambi. Great place. Worth the trouble of traveling on rock strewn path.

Anonymous said...

Hi I went to Thiruneermalai on 27/feb/2011. Temple management planned for "Kumbabisekham" on Apr 21st. Till then, we cant see the "Moolavar" in the temple. Only we can see "Urshava moorthi". So if anyone has any plans to visit the temple, better to plan after Apr 21st. Only Neervanna Perumal (Ninra Thirukoolam) you can see if you go now.