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Kadayanallur Anjaneya temple

One finds reference to this place in Kishkinda Kandam
Anjaneya is said to have stayed here for a week along with the Vanara army

Located 150kms South West of Madurai and about 20kms East of Tenkasi on the Madurai-Tenkasi Highway is the Anjaneya temple in Krishnapuram near Kadayanallur.

The Story
In the search for Goddess Sita, Anjaneya is said to have come here along with the Vanara army. Thirsty after a long search, they saw wet swans, cranes and other birds in this place and wondered if there was water around. Going closer led them to two caves where they found Swayamprabha uttering, repeatedly, the name of Rama.

Anjaneya was surprised to find a huge palace inside the cave with fruits all around. Swayamprabha shared with Anjaneya the story of Indra getting liberated from Brahmma Doshamm, having rescued her from Asura Mayan and how she was assigned the task of taking care of this palace, until she could hand it over to Anjaneya.

Having waited these many years, she requested him to stay here so she could get moksham and go back to Indra Logam. However, Anjaneya refused saying he had to complete his task of finding Goddess Sita and that he would come back once he had done that.

Swayamprabha is said to have directed him in the direction further South in his search for Sita.

Having killed the Lankan King Ravana, Rama was on his way in his Pushpaka Vimana when he found a river following him. On enquiry, Anjaneya narrated the story of his meeting with Swayamprabha and his promise to return to this place, which was called Kishkinda Puram.

On coronation, Rama is said to have come here with Sita and Anjaneya and stayed at this place.

Reference in Kishkinda Kandam

One finds reference to Swayam Prabha Theertham in Kishkinda Kandam. In centuries gone by, this place was called Kishkinda Puram which over a period of time me became Krishnapuram (Kadayanallur).

Anjaneya in One Stone

The Anjaneya idol is made out of a single stone and is seen to be going down below the earth.

Two Caves

There are two caves inside the temple – one leads to the Anjaneya Sannidhi and the other one is said to have led one to Rameswaram Kodi Theertham.

Prarthana Sthalam
Belief is that bathing in the temple tank relieves one of Brahmma Hathi Dosham. Also, Lord Anjaneya is said to fulfill within 5 weeks the wishes of devotees who offer their lsincere prayers at this temple.


Hanuman Jayanthi – Laksha Archanai
Puratasi Saturday special
Rama Navami Utsavam

Quick Facts

Moolavar : Veera Anjaneya
Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Anjaneya Sannidhi to the West of Moolavar Anjaneya
Temple Time : 830am-1130am and 430pm-7pm
Contact : Ramachandra Bhattar @ 99657 22693 / 98429 40464
Address : 57/29 Gopala Krishna Swamy Koil Street
Krishnapuram Kadayanallur
Tenkasi Taluk Tirunelveli District 627 759

How to reach Kadayanallur
Chennai-Sengottai Express stops at Kadaiyanallur station
Daily passenger trains between Madurai and Tenkasi
Buses every 15minutes from Madurai on the Tenkasi road (about 3 hours from Madurai)

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