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Thiru Vanvandur Pambanai Appan temple

‘Naradiya Purana’ comprising of 25000verses was created here 
Nakula, the younger Pandava, created the temple at Vanvandur

Nam Azhvaar praises Vanvandur Lord as the one who has a dark face with red lips, lotus eyes, lotus feet and has Discus and Conch as his identification marks

Located about 7kms North of Chengannur and about 5kms South West of Thiruvalla on the Erimala route, on the banks of the Pamba River is the Pambanai Appan Divya Desam in Thiru Vanvandur.

Narada Purana
Cursed by Brahmma in the course of a heated argument, Sage Narada undertook penance invoking Lord Vishnu to relieve him from the curse. Narada is said to have got the boon, from Vishnu, of being the one to disperse and spread ‘truthful wisdom’ in this world. Delighted at having had darshan of Lord Vishnu in his full form, Narada is said to have created the ‘Naradiya Purana’, an extensive document comprising of 25000 verses.

Pandava Temple

As seen in the other stories relating to Divya Desams around Chengannur, the Pandava brothers visited these temples and created a temple each in this region. One of the younger Pandava brothers, Nakula, renovated the Thiruvanvandur temple. Lord is seen here with Conch, Chakra, Spear and Mace.

At the Western entrance, one finds sculptures relating to Kalinga Narthana and also Dasavathara.

Nam Azhvaar provides hints to locate Van Vandur Perumal
Nam Azhvaar in his Tiruvoimozhi verse presents identification marks to locate the Lord of Thiru Van Vandur

ஒரு வண்ணம் சென்று புக்கு
எனக்கு ஒன்று உரை ஒண் கிளியே
சேறு ஒண் பூம் பொழில் சூழ் செக்கர்
வேலை திருவன்வன்டூர்

கரு வண்ணம், செய்ய வாய் , செய்ய கண்
செய்ய கை , செய்ய கால்

சேறு ஒண் சக்கரம் சங்கு அடையாளம்

திருந்தக் கண்டே - Tiruvoimozhi 6-1-7


Ashtami-Rohini Krishna Festival
11day Festival in Dhanur
Uthiratadhi 10day festival in Kumbham

Quick Facts

Moolavar  : Paambanai Appan, Kamalanathan West Facing Standing Posture
Goddess   : Kamalavalli Nachiyar
Azhvaar   : NamAzhvaar- 11 Paasurams
Time        : 5am-1130am and 5pm-8pm

Contact   : Parameswaran @ 0479 2427808

How to reach Vanvandur:

About 7kms North of Chengannur Divya Desam and about 5kms South of Thiruvalla
An auto from Thiruvalla bus stand will cost Rs.75/-

It is best to take a taxi from Chengannur or Changanacheri to visit the 6 Divya Desams around this place. It will cost. Rs.600/- to visit all the 6 temples and will take about 5 hours if you start at 5am either from Chengannur or Changanacheri.


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