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Karamadai Ranganatha

Ramanuja visited the temple on his way from Srirangam to Thiru Narayanapuram

Located about 30kms from Coimbatore on the Mettupalayam Highway is the Swayambu Ranganatha temple in Karamadai set in the backdrop of the blue mountain. Karikala Chozhan and Mysore King Krishnaraja Wodeyar are said to have made contributions to the temple. Thirumalai Nayakkar built the temple walls and several mandapams in and around the temple.

Railway Line and the temple

A British engineer wanted to construct a railway line near this temple that would have caused inconvenience to the temple and its festivals. Pleased with the sincere prayers of the devotees, Lord Ranganatha is said to have come, in a white horse, in the dreams of the British engineer, who then is said to have changed the direction of the railway line.

The happy British engineer donated a wooden white horse to the temple. To this day, the utsavar deity takes the street processions on this white horse.

The story
People in the region, who used to find their livelihood grazing and milking cows, found a particular cow returning without milk after a trip every morning. Surprised at this, they followed the cow and found that the cow stopped at a particular spot and let out the milk.

On digging the mound, they found Lord Ranganatha beneath.

Delighted at this occurrence, they built mandapams around this place and constructed the temple for Ranganatha who is seen here as a Swayambu Murthy – one who came out of the earth on his own. Unlike other Ranganatha temples, where he is in a reclining posture, only the moolavar deity’s face can be seen.

Ramanuja’s visit to Karamadai Ranganathar
Ramanuja is said to have visited this temple on his way from Srirangam to Thiru Narayanapuram (Melkote).

Navarthri Festival
Vaikunda Ekadesi Festival

Chariot Procession, that takes place on the full moon day in Maasi, is a special highlight at this temple

Quick Facts

Moolavar: Ranaganatha East Facing Swayambu Moorthy (only face is seen)
Thaayar : Ranganayaki
Utsavar : Venkatesa Perumal

Temple Time: 6am-12noon and 4pm-9pm

Contact : Veda Vyasa Sudarshana Bhattar@ 94873 60717 or 04254 273043

How to reach:
1. By Train:
One can take Chennai- Mettupalayam Blue Mountain Express (arrival in Mettupalayam at 6.15am). Karamadai is 7 kms from Mettupalayam towards Coimbatore.

2. Buses every 5minutes to Karamadai from Coimbatore (Mettupalayam/Ooty bound)

3. By Car- It will cost about Rs.500/- by tourist car from Coimbatore and back


Jadayampalayam said...

Good nice information Prabhu. Thanks for bringing up our small town into blog with useful info. Thanks again.

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Since now adays frequent local trains are avialable from coimbatore which also stops in Karamadai can be updated in How to reach?
Good information about our place.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing a blog post about the Ranganatha temple. This is my hometown, and I've lived at the sorgavasal street for my first 21 years.

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I visited the temple this Sept-1st week of 2011 and spoke to one of the Gurukkal.The Gurukkal infact told another fact that in the dream Lord Ranganathar came in a white horse with a whip and lashed the British Engineer.Again Mr.Prabu thanks for bringing our Karamadai Temple in the lime light.

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Hello Prabhu
Please let me know if there any temple where there is a lied statue of Lord Vishnu in south India is situated.
Please help, my father wana know. I'll be obliged.

PRabhu S said...

If you are referring to Lord Vishnu in Sleeping Posture, there are many - Srirangam Ranganatha, Srirangapatna Ranganatha, Kumbakonam Sarangapani Temple, Chidambaram Govindarajan temple are a few.