Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trichy Junction AC Lounge Update

AC Lounge at Trichy Junction turns into a nightmare
The new AC lounge on Platform 1 at the Trichy Junction was launched last year and had proved to be quite useful and convenient for short trip travellers in the last 6 months, given both the facilities and economical costs.

However, irresponsible behaviour of some of the passengers is turning the stay at the AC Lounge into a nightware.

Here are three broad irritants that passengers have experienced of late:

1. Non-stop loud cell phone conversions from within the lounge, quite unmindful
of other passengers

2. Passengers using the high quality sofas as a sleeping place- leading to limitation of space for other passengers (the AC lounge was launched at an economical charge of Rs. 10/- for the first two hours of stay, but it looks like the passengers are converting this into a mini retiring room)

3. The notice board outside the AC Lounge clearly states that eatables are not allowed. Again, unmindful of this message, passengers have begun using the lounge as a dinner table. This has now led to rats inside the Lounge.

The AC Lounge was quite a novel concept when launched but poor implementation is leading to a lot of irritant passengers.

The TPJ Station Manager and the concerned staff would have to take quick corrective action, lest this really nice concept turns against them.

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