Friday, October 24, 2008

Vada Madurai Soundararaja Perumal

The Northern Boundary of the Pandya Kingdom
Located about 16 kms North of Dindigul off the Dindigul- Trichy National Highway, Vada Madurai was once the Northern border of the Pandya Kingdom called ‘Vidaathi’.

After the fall of Madurai, people spread out and settled in different places. One Group is said to have come to Vada Madurai. These people, who could not go to Madurai every day to pray to the deity there, built a temple here so they could invoke (the blessings of) the Lord in their own place.

As a symbol of ‘beauty’, they built a Krishna temple here and named it as Soundara Raja Perumal. Kumbabhishekam took place recently in 2006.

Quick Facts

Deity: Soundara Raja Perumal
Goddess: Soundara Valli Thaayar(Separate Sannidhi)

Temple timing: 6am-12noon and 4pm-830pm

Festivals: 13 day Aadi Festival

Priest: Devaraj Bhattar/ Krishnamurthy Bhattar

Contact: 04551 238944/ 238781(call for the priest in this number)

How to reach Vada Madurai

Buses every 5 minutes from Dindigul(Trichy bound buses)

A couple of passenger trains from Madurai and Dindigul stop at Vada Madurai station.


Swaminath said...


I am commenting here on a totally different topic. Hope its ok.
I came across your blog and happened to go through a few of the cricket posts you had up there. One post caught my interest. The Ranji match where Gavaskar batted left handed. I was wondering if you could throw a bit of light on that issue.
I was too young when that match happened, and have only read about that incident. I think I read about it in cricinfo. I have also heard different versions of why Gavaskar actually batted left handed that day. I have been told by a few that it was because Gavaskar didnt like losing to Karnataka, a south Indian team, and he did it out of disgust. Cricinfo doesnt say so.
Knowing Gavaskar's petulance, I belive this could well be the reason. Since you mention that the crowd booed him off the ground, maybe you know what really happened out there.
I would love to know you opinion of that incident.
I can be reached at


Prabhu.S said...
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Swaminath said...

Dear Prabhu,

Thanks for the reply. Cricinfo has a diferent version of the entire episode. I think they claim that Gavaskar batted left handed in order to counter the spin of Vijayakrishna and Raghuram Bhat, spinners of repute for karnataka those days.
I think your explanation describes what happened in that match, more than cricinfo.
No surpises really, because gavaskar, as you said definitely considered himself above Indian cricket those days.
Your articles on cricket evoke memories. Thanks for that. Please do blog more about other matches which might have caught your eye in the 80s. The article on the 1983WSC match between Eng and NZ was great. And I remember the Lords knock where Kapil hit Hemmings for 4 consecutive sixers. I was listening to the commentary too at that time.
Thanks again for the memories.

Prabhu.S said...

Batting left to save the match defies logic(even technically with the rough outside a left hander's off stump against Bhat's turning deliveries)- it would be easier to pad away as a right hand batsman.

Explanation of being better equipped as a left hander against left arm spinners is too far fledged.

A more closer cricketing justification would be that "me batting left is enough to save the match against you karnataka bowlers."

But no, it was a more 'Symbolic' gesture/statement from him and had nothing to do with saving the match.

It was a typical 'Sunny' statement of Bombay dominance.