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Thadi Kombu Soundararaja Perumal

The Northern House of Maaliruncholai Azhagar A Prarthana Sthalam to overcome various problems in life

Located 8kms North West of Dindigul on NH7 (Dindigul-Karur-Salem Highway) is the  1000years old Soundararaja Perumal temple in Thaadi Kombu.This place was once referred to as  Thaalai Vana Kshetram (reference to the number of palm groves surrounding the Soundararajan temple). With the congregation of a huge Telugu population in this area, over time, this region came to be renamed as Thaadi Kombu (the place of palm trees).

The Legend
Having been turned into a frog, Manduga Rishi was undertaking penance here on the banks of Kumba River to relieve himself of his sins. Attacked by Asura Thalasuran, Manduga Rishi sought the help of Lord Soundararajan of Azhagar Koil who answered the Rishi’s prayers by killing the Asura.

A happy Manduga Rishi who got back his human form requested the Lord to provide darshan to everyone in the same form here at this place. As the Lord acceded to his request, this temple is said to be the Northern Home of Maaliruncholai Azhgar.

Solution to various problems
The temple is special as it houses in the same complex Lords who provide solutions to different problems. This is the only temple to house Goddess Saraswathi and Lord Hayagriva in the same sannidhi.

A Special Pooja is performed at the Dhanvantri Sannidhi on No Moon day to relieve one of any health problems. A visit to the Lakshmi Narasimha Sannidhi on full moon day is said to help solve finance related issues.

Special Pooja on Thursdays at the Rathi- Manmatha Sannidhi relieves couples of problems in their married life. A pooja during Rahu Kaalam on Sunday at the Swarna Aakarshana Bairavar Sannidhi helps one recover from financial losses and bad debts.

A big feature at this temple is the beautifully crafted sculptures on the Southern side of the temple similar to the one at Krishnapuram near Tirunelveli - 14 in all including Anjaneya carrying Rama on his shoulder, Vaikuntanathan sleeping atop Adhiseshan, Maha Vishnu mounted on Garuda, Battle with Hiranya and ‘Hiranya Samhaaram’ - quite a difficult one to carve.  There are also 7 musical pillars at the temple. Another unique feature is the presence of a standing Pillayar and Vishnu Durgai. 

The temple was renovated by the Vijayanagar kings, Achudeva Raya and his brother Ramadeva Raya in the 16th Century AD. Thirumalai Nayakar was responsible for the exquisite sculptures. One finds reference to the Northern House at Thaadi Kombu in inscriptions relating to Pandya kings who ruled Madurai in the 9th-12th Century AD,  an indication that this temple dates back to a time prior to that period and is well over a 1000 years old.

Inscription within the temple makes this reference - 
“……சுந்தர பாண்டிய மண்டபதிலே நானும் நம் பெண்டுகளும்
மூலகமா இறுகலில்
நமக்கு வடக்கு வீடான
திருமலை தாடி கொம்பு அழகர் 

Capital of Dindigul
The British who captured Dindigul in 1801 made Thaadi Kombu the first capital of Dindigul.

Quick Facts
Moolavar   : Soundararajan East Facing Standing Posture
Goddess    : Kalyana Soundara Valli Thaayar
Time          :7am-12noon and 430pm-830pm. 
Contact      : Badri Jagannathan Bhattar @ 98655 37340 / Rajappa Bhattar @ 94420 30304 /
                    Ramamoorthy @94865 01122
Office       : EO Kathiresan @98655 35788 / 0451 2557232


sampath said...

great work prabhu. interesting. all the best.

PRabhu S said...


Thanks much for reading and the comment.


Devaraj said...

I visited the temple on 08-11-2009.
It was wonderful. The temple has been renovated by a philonthrophist liberally.The entire flooring has been done with new cut granite and laid to slopes so that water do not stagnate anywhere. A spic and span temple worth visiting.

Prabhu.S said...

Good to hear.

Will visit again.

Thank You

Manoharan.S said...

Dear All,

I visited the Temple with my wife on 10-10-10. The vision of the Lord Perumal and Thayaar were so wonderful we felt as if we were seeing them at Vaigundam. The Temple was maintained very neat and clean. The priests did a excellent job with devotion. We felt very happy to have visited the temple. The long travel was worth it. I thank the authorities for maintaining the Temple very clean. - Dr.S.Manoharan, Trichy.