Friday, September 26, 2008

New AC lounge at Tiruchirapalli Junction

Another Passenger friendly initiative at Tiruchirapalli Junction

Having recently renovated the retiring rooms and dormitories and made it comparable to any classy hotel room, Tiruchirapalli Junction has come out with another convenience measure for passengers travelling Trichy.

The station has opened a first of its kind AC lounge for passengers, offering convenience that one has not experienced before in railway stations.

Priced at a very nominal Rs.10 for the first two hours and Rs.10/- for every subsequent hour, this facility on platform 1 is a welcome measure. The lounge has a discussion table and sports high quality chairs and sofa sets

The AC lounge would be ideal for passengers who come in on short half day/one day trips (they can stay here instead of taking up a hotel room). The lounge also has modern wash facilities. This is also quite convenient for passengers arriving or departing via late night trains (There are a number of trains arriving in/departing from Trichy Junction between 1130pm and 3am).

Train arrivals and departures are also displayed inside the lounge. With a number of plug points, the AC lounge will also be convenient for passengers to work on their laptops. Add to it the restaurant within the Junction, ATM, News Mart… You possibly have the most convenient ‘short trip’ staying location for train travellers to Tiruchirapalli.

The upper class waiting room(free) also sports a new and refreshing look.

A couple of suggestions:

1. Provide a facility for women to stay in dormitories

2. Make provision for internet browsing within or just outside the Junction complex


Murali said...

A few more suggestions...

1) Upper-class tickets to and from Trichy can carry a line of information about the facility.
2) More charging points can be provided for mobiles and laptops.
3) Reconfiguring the room to provide a few seats that are wall-facing can meet the needs of those seeking privacy.

Prabhu.S said...

Thanks for this.

Will make sure this reaches the Station Manager of Trichy within the next few days


sharan said...


Any idea about the eligibility of reserved 2S class passengers availing this facility?

The context is that I would be reachin Trichy by pallavan exp and would want to while some time till 3 AM until my next connecting bus. I find SL class in the eligibility - so just wanted to clarify. Thanks!

Prabhu.S said...
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PRabhu S said...


Hi! Yes, 2S class passengers are eligible.

It is Rs. 10 for first 2 hours and then Rs. 10 for each succeeding hour.

Will be ideal for your stay...9pmish to 3am.

Very good bath facilities too...

Do try out the Lassi in the Aavin stall next to the AC Lounge


sharan said...

Thanks prabhu!