Saturday, March 15, 2008

108 Divya Desam- Madurai Divya Desams Help

SMILE to collect and distribute devotee contributions(non cash) to Divya Desams in the Madurai region

SMILE (Selfless Movement Improving Life Everywhere), a Chennai based voluntary services organization, along with TTD Information Center (TTD IC), Chennai had, in April 2007, launched an initiative to help Divya Desams with articles and pooja items.

C.N. Paramasivan, son of well known director Late Shri. A.P. Nagarajan and Founder, SMILE said, “Through this ‘Help the Divya Desam’ initiative, SMILE has directed devotee’s non cash contributions to over 25 Divya Desams in Tamil Nadu in the last 9 months. During the first phase, we focused on Divya Desams in the Trichy-Kumbakonam region.”

A few Divya Desams helped so far:
Naachiyar Koil
ThiruNangur DivyaDesams near Seerkazhi
Kandiyur and

SMILE has also cleaned over 450 temples in Tamil Nadu including Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple, Thiruparankundram Murugan temple, Thiruvannamalai temple,Srirangam Ranganatha temple and Azhagar Koil.

Says Paramasivan, “In phase 2 now, SMILE plans to focus on Divya Desams in the Madurai region. This is an ongoing process and not a one off exercise. We will continue to help Divya Desams in Trichy-Kumbakonam region. In order to make it easy for devotees to reach out to these Divya Desams, we will organize collection of the pooja articles locally in Madurai.”

What can the devotees give:
Devotees can contribute Vastrams for the Lord, Saree for the Goddess, daily pooja articles like Kungumam, turmeric powder, camphor, ghee, oil and provisions like rice, dhal. Devotees can also provide ornament sets for the Lord , cooking vessels and religious CDs/Cassettes.

SMILE does not collect or donate money. Hence, no cash, cheque, draft contribution is accepted under this initiative.

Divya Desams in the Madurai region include ThiruPullani, ThiruMeiyam, ThiruThangal, Srivilliputhur, Thiru Mogur, Azhagar Koil and ThiruKoshtiyur.

To help more Divya Desams with articles and daily pooja items, devotees are requested to call 91- 94440 40748 or email

About Divya Desams
Saint poets Azhvaars were ardent devotees of Lord Vishnu. There were 12 of them including Andal. These saint poets composed verses in Tamil and revitalized the religious spirit sparking off a renewal of devotional worship, referred to as the Bhakti movement. These Azhvaars visited temples and sung praises in the name of Vishnu. Such temples have come to be known as Divya Desams. The compilation of the verses (known as Paasurams) is the Naalayira Divya Prabandam (4000 in all).

There are 108 Divya Desams in all, out of which over 80 are in Tamil Nadu. 40 of these temples are in the Chozha region (Trichy-Thanjavur-Kumbakonam belt), over 20 are in the Kanchipuram-Chennai region and 20 are in the Pandya Kingdom- Madurai-Tirunelveli belt. Many of these temples are around 1000 years old and have a rich history attached to it.


Padma said...

Is SMILES Still active? Is it possible to contribute.
Kindly clarify

PRabhu S said...


Contact Number:

044 24334895


krishna priya said...

right now my parents are in 108 divyadesams darshan. is it possible to donate articles or vastrams. kindly give me the full details.
they have started on 25.01.2011 on 25.01.2011 they have completed chennai nearby temples today they are in kanchipuram.

PRabhu S said...

Yes, requirements are there on an ongoing basis.

Oil, Ghee, Sambrani, Pachai Karpooram, Elakkai, Krambu, Agarbathi, cashew, dry grapes, kalkandu, Jaggery, Tamarind and Vastrams like 9x5/10x6 Veshti, 6Ghajam/9Ghajam saree, Azhvaar Thundu, Utsavar Pavadai...


Srivatsan said...

Just visited 11 divya desam's near Sirkazhi, Thirunangur.... Wanted to share an experience. Met a guide Subramanian, who helped us in visiting 11 divya desams. All the 11 places are interior villages and with no proper direction boards. Also the temple timing which was sort of erratic. He came with us in our car and showed the temple. His number is 9159706875. His name is Subramanian. Hope it helps.


Anonymous said...

Dear mr prabhu,
WE plan to leave for kumbakonam from Chennai after Navarathri and our tour is
for two days. We want to stay at Kumbakonam and visitthe following places by
taxi and auto.
Please suggest good decent moderate hotel at kumbakonam.
Places we want visit are following,
Thiruvaiyaru, Varahoor, Vishnampettai,Oothukadu,Pateeswarm,Thirukkarugavur
Karuvalarcherry and also Oppiliappan koil,Nachiarkoil,Thirucherry and Thirukkannamangai
Before leaving for chennai we want to visit local, suggest us route to cover
all these places in two days

Anonymous said...

We are planning to leave for Kumbakonam from Chennai after Navaratri and our tour is
for two days . We want to stay at Kumbakonam and visit the following places.
Thiruvaiyaru,varahoor,Vishnampettai,Oothukadu,Pateeswaram, Thirukkarugavur,Karumvalamcherry and also Oppiliappankoil Nachiarkoil,Thirucherrai,Thirkannamangai.before leavingfor chennai after two days wealso
want to see local temples.
please suggest decent moderate hotel at kumbakonam and give us contact numbers of driver who is reasonable and also suggest route to cover allthese places to cover within two days
thanking you

Anonymous said...


Prabhu.S said...

You can call these people and check out. Iyengar Guest House: 99449 63800

You may like it.


Nachiyar Koil ( 730am)
Thiru Cherai ( 9am)
Kodai Vasal ( 945am)
Thiru Kannamangai ( 11am)



Thiru Karugavur
Nathan Koil


Thanjai Maa Mani Koil

Aathi Varaha Perumal


Kumbakonam Saravanan ( Cab) 99945 46416
auto Suresh: 94451 60667

Thanjavur Senthil ( Cab) : 94435 88102


Hari Ram said...

PLANING TO visit divyadesams around madurai. pl let me know if there is any decent place or mutt to stay with family.

PRabhu S said...

Madurai Junction Retiring Room on the first floor of Platform 1 is a good place to stay - safe, neat and convenient for travel purpose. family room, single room, dormitories available.

Else, many lodges / hotels are available opposite the Koodal Azhagar Temple at economical rates.

Near the Junction, there are hotels are varying budgets - Madurai Residency, College House are a couple.

At Thiru Koshtiyur/ Srivilliputhur, can organise more traditional place to stay..