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ThiruThanka Vilakoli Perumal

Birth Place of Vedantha Desigar

Thoopal is the birth place of Vedantha Desigar, the acharya who created the Vedantha Siddhaantha for Vaishnavites. Desigar’s life story has been depicted at this temple in form of beautiful photographs.

Thiru Thanka Vilakoli Perumal temple is about ½ km West of Thiru Vekka Divya Desam.

Saraswathi’s attempts to disrupt Brahmma’s Yaagam continue
Having failed in her previous attempts to stop Brahmma’s Ashwamedha Yaagam, Saraswathi decide to take an extreme step. She used her powers and put the entire place into darkness. Lord Vishnu appeared as a flame, thus providing the much needed light to Brahmma’s Yaagam.

Another Asura to destroy the Yaagam
Brahmma invited the Devas to attend the Yaagam. Not to be left behind, the Asuras too decided to attend. However, Brahmma ignored them. Angered at Brahmma not taking notice of their presence, the Asuras went to Saraswathi and poisoned her thoughts once again. They decided to create a dangerous Asura to destroy the Yaagam. The Asura, Maaya Nalan, went to the Yaagam in the form of a dangerous fire.

Once again coming to Brahmma’s rescue, Lord Vishnu took the fire in his hand and held it so served as a lighting lamp. He appeared in this form before Saraswathi, who had followed the Asura. Saraswathi accepted her mistake in trying to repeatedly block the Yaagam and came back to Brahmma. It is believed that Saraswathi herself appeared here as the ‘sacred water’, and a cold one at that, so as to cool the hot burning hand of Lord Vishnu, who had taken the fire in his hand to protect Brahmma.

Azhvaar’s high praise of this Lord

So impressed was Thirumangai Azhvaar with this ‘Lord with the fire’ that he compares the Lord here to ThiruKurundi Nambi, Kumbakonam Aaravamudhan, Srirangam Ranganatha and Tirupathi Srinivasa.

குருங்குடியில்  நின்றானே , மூவுலகிற்கும்  முதலாவனை
அளவிடா  வியலா  ஆராவமுதனை, 

அரங்கத்து  அரவணையில்  பள்ளி  கொண்ட  ஐயனை
வேக்கவில்  துயில்  அமர்ந்தானை  வேங்கடத்து  நின்றானை
இந்த  திருதன்காவில்  கண்டேன்

Quick Fact
Moolavar : Deepa Prakaasar  West Facing Standing Posture
Thaayar   : Maragada Valli
Utsavar   : Vilakoli Perumal
Contact: 94475 73942


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